What is the difference between dry and wet food?

dry and wet food
Written by Sakibul Islam

Interestingly enough dry food does not keep dog’s teeth clean. It doesn’t have the power to scrub your dog’s teeth. That’s the sort of idea we’ve all been brought up on and fed as a result.

Wet food, actually, is healthier for your dog because it has a higher concentration of protein. It’s more expensive but the dry food is actually is a lesser form of feeding your dog and it doesn’t have any benefits.

Should I add water to my dog’s dry food?

Absolutely; you should add water to your dog’s bowl of dry food. I always say to clients that if you don’t put some water on it it’s like feeding your dog a bowl of dry cereal. It also enhances the flavor for your dog.  Also, check pet carriers for your lovely dogs.

Is organic dog food better for my dog?

Absolutely; just like for us humans. Organic food is much healthier for your dog. Anytime you can feed your dog organic food, that’s a better choice for your dog.

Does my dog need vitamins to supplement its diet?

Just like with humans the world’s food population is diminished in its nutrients. And therefore it is advisable to use good vitamin supplements for your dog.

Can I give my dog table scraps?

The more real food you feed your dog, the healthier your dog is going to be, therefore table scraps would be healthy. You shouldn’t feed him such table scraps as pizza or burritos, but you could feed them your table scraps of good chicken, steak, hamburger or beef.

Can I give my dog bones?

Ironically, the situation with bones is that you don’t want to ever feed cooked bones to your dog. This is because these bones have been molecularly changed to be very brittle and cause bowel obstructions. However, dogs were designed to eat real, raw bones, and most dogs accept these readily.

How much and how often should I feed my dog?

You can feed your dog two times a day. For young puppies, if they’re in the weaning period, I advise three to four times a day. However, I think that two times a day is good; it keeps the blood sugars level.

The pet food recall scared us into making our own dog food at home for Blacky and Yeti. We did a lot of research into dog nutrition requirements and went through a lot of trial and error trying out new recipes for the dogs – seeing what they liked and what they didn’t.

We ended up with quite a few super yummy recipes. Our friends begged us to share the recipes with them and we realized there were probably lots of other dog owners out there that would love to try these dog food recipes out on their dogs too! So, came into being. It really is as easy as feeding your puppy.

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