The Ultimate Guide to the Types of Forklifts

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Today, forklifts come in many sizes and shapes, they are also available in different varieties and they fulfill a diverse range of purposes. Although some people know them primarily as vehicles for material handling, in fact, there are several categories of these used trucks for sale. Consider this as an example; a pallet jack is definitely not the same as a three-wheel lift truck (counterbalance), yet they both fall under the category of forklifts.

Whether you wish to add these into your material handling business, hoping to expand your fleet, or simply wondering what are the categories of forklifts, here are different categories you should learn about and get a breakdown of the uses of each one in your business.

Counterbalance Forklifts

Among the common types of Moffett Truck available today, Counterbalance forklifts remain the most popular ones and surely the type most people think of instinctively when wish to add forklifts in their fleet. This type of lift comes with forks at the machine front, with a unique design of weight in the back to counter the balance or offset the load on the front. Often, this is a simple one to use and it has no particular extended arms, hence you can drive to the racking or load. This vehicle comes in diesel, propane and electric.

Electric counterbalance forklifts can operate with a minimal counterweight since its battery serves as ballast along with a power source. In virtually all material handling projects and capacities, counterbalance forklifts are the most commonly used ones. They are straightforward to use, featuring dual forks for bulky items and heavy loads.

Reach Forklift Trucks

In warehouse operations, this is a common machine type used outdoors, but also suitable for use indoors. The reach forklift can go beyond the machine, into racking with ease with just the stabilizing legs and forks. It offers height that most forklifts are not able to achieve. The forklift legs offer support to the machine and hence make any weight to counterbalance the lift. Sometimes, double reach machines also come into use. This has extended forks that reach twice the depth of a standard forklift and grabs two pallets from the same load or racking.

3-Wheel Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

Counterbalance forklifts are similar to regular counterbalance machines and work in the same premises. However, the single drive wheel located in the center of the rear of the machine ensures optimum maneuverability. Such forklift trucks are ideal for use in a regular application, where the space limits due to their excellent and right turning circle maneuverability. Such forklifts are also suitable for applications that require outside and inside use of rack loading.

Pump Trucks

Although these are sort of a throwback, their primary use comes as a pallet jack but does not use electric power in order to lift the materials. Rather, pump trucks rely on old-fashioned manual labor to lift skids with force.

The Walkie Truck

Also famous as an Electric pallet truck, these forklifts come with operator walk designs behind. It is a motorized machine, hence able to lift other heavier pallets, move pallets, and maneuver in small spaces in a better way. It is possible to control these forklifts with a hand throttle, giving the operator the opportunity to move the forklift forward and backward and stop the machine when necessary.

Note that there are various types of forklift walkies. Some of them have a platform, where the operator could stand on easily. Other types include double walkie trucks, which have to extend forks to allow the operators to transport two pallets in a single action.

Dock stocker Lift

This type of a counterbalanced forklift truck is one on which the operator can stand or sit on while operating it. It weighs down in a similar fashion as the counterbalance forklift, with its weight in the forklift back to counter the workload at the front.

Powered Pallet Truck

This truck is a modernized version of the pump forklift truck. As the name suggests, the powered pallet truck is one that does all the heavy lifting. They are ideal for small packages and skids that need transportation or storage.

Order Picker/Cherry Picker

In warehouse environments, the cherry picker or order picker forklift is a common one in use in warehouses to pick up orders. It serves as an effective tool for companies and allows the operators to lower and raise themselves while they operate the truck.

In the trucking industry, there are different types of forklifts that serve transportation and warehousing needs. Before you decide to add some in your fleet, make sure that you contact suitable dealers, who could provide you with the necessary details you need to keep your business working well. Of course, you can always carry out a thorough research on your own and choose one perfect for your business.

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