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Studying in the Caribbean Region: The Visa Requirements to for Med School

Written by Imogenarnold


Studying in a prestigious med school is one of the many dreams of students in the high school. A professional degree in medicine that can lead them to many other disciplines like surgery or research longs for numerous students in the United States and Canada. But it’s a fact that more than half of the students who look to get into a med school fail to get an admission every year in the above mentioned two countries. Sad but true.

The above scenario leads students particularly belonging to these two countries while from other countries and regions too to look for alternatives. And one of the best alternatives for them is the Caribbean region. The region is not only close to the United States but also one of the favorite tourist destinations too. So studying for a med school or specifically apply to a Caribbean medical school doesn’t feel odd to most of the students.

Visa Requirements for Studying in the Caribbean region

If you have decided that you are going to apply for a degree in medicine in the Caribbean region, the rest of the process can be done with not much problem. Of course, the process is quite lengthy just like any med school or university in the United States or Canada. Requirements of universities in this region can be a bit confusing at first but with the help of any elder or a student who is already studying there, you can come to the terms quite easily.

Now the all-important question of getting a visa to study any island in the Caribbean region. This is one aspect that you must know about before applying for any med school in this region because to avoid any discrepancy or problem later. If you are from the North American countries i.e. US, Canada and Mexico, no visa is required to visit any of the islands in the Caribbean region but when you will get an admission in any of the schools here, you must obtain a student visa before you arrive here to study.

The Process to obtain a Visa for a Caribbean Med School: The Important Documents

For getting a visa to study here as a student, you must complete the all the process beforehand. A passport-sized photograph and a notarized copy of your birth certificate are the primary requirements in this regard. You must also provide copies of 1st, 2nd and last pages of your valid passport having at least 1 year of expiry date to the date of commencement of classes so that you can study for a semester at least without any problem.

A police certificate/affidavit and an original or notarized copy of your acceptance letter from any of the med schools in the region is also a basic necessity. Certain medical documents which are required includes a recent VDRL/RPR test and also a tuberculosis lab test report. These are important as any med school would require that you are free from any diseases or even have symptoms that can affect your fellow students or is a disease which has already been contaminated in the region.


Visa Processing Fee and other Requirements

The visa processing fee for any of the students having a US or Canadian citizenship is 150 Us Dollars. If you are married and you want your family/spouse accompany you in the Caribbean region, you must provide a marriage certificate too along with the visa application. You will be required to provide your spouse’s notarized birth certificates and as well as birth certificates of every unmarried child under the age of 18.

Please remember that all the above requirements are for US/Canadian students only. If you are applying from any other part of the world, you may have to face far for stricter visa process and may have to provide additional documents like your parents passport/bank statements/proof of no criminal record in the past, etc. It is important to know each and everything about what you may need or might make a hindrance in getting you the admission in a med school, so keep track of everything.

Final Word

Studying in a med school in the Caribbean is an experience of a lifetime. But you need to aware of all the requirements in this regard. If you need any assistance from me in this regard, please feel free to ask it by using the comments section below.

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