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industrial Furnace
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Industrial furnaces have a wide array of applications in the production units, manufacturing industries and factories which involve electricity. Just like we need furnaces during winters to keep us warm, these industrial furnaces also work with heat and electricity. The major focus of the operators and factory owners is to reduce electricity bills with maximum efficiency! Get in touch with the leading and reputed industrial furnace company in the market for the genuine products at the most competitive price.

The metal melting furnaces are required for melting gold or silver jewellery and industrial requirements also. First of all, there are different types of furnaces that use metal melting technology, to choose which one is right for you, make sure you consult with the leading industrial furnace company in the market. The various types of furnaces in use can be summarized as below:

  • Electric Furnaces – can melt gold, silver, aluminium and other metal substances in just 15 minutes
  • Propane Furnaces – Can melt gold, silver, brass and other metals. These are used as an alternative to electric furnaces
  • Induction Furnaces – Thee are used for professional heating and melting, can reach up to 2300 degree Fahrenheit or even more!
  • Microwave Furnaces – These allows melting at a standard 1200 W microwave atmosphere. These are suitable for refining or purifying gold or silver, black sands, as well as ore concentrates.

Consult the reputed brands of industrial furnaces for the necessary guidance on after care and necessary checks for smooth functioning of metal melting furnaces while below are some ways to improve the efficiency of the metal melting furnaces:

  • Air filter – It is advisable to keep the air filter clean as the dust and impurities, fine particles like hair flock at the air filter thus blocking the air flow. Replace the air filters and keep them clean to avoid bigger damages to the furnaces because it is the pollutants accumulating at the air filter that is the root cause to all bigger furnace issues.
  • Programmable Thermostat – It is a complete waste to fuel and money to leave the furnace turned on being heated at the required temperature when it is not in use. But there is a stipulated wait as well when the thermostat is turned on, for the required temperature to set and work. So, install a programmable thermostat which automatically adjusts the temperature as required based on the surrounding real time air temperature.
  • Annual Furnace Tune up – It is extremely important to go for an annual tune up for your furnace. Similar to regular oil changing for cars and vehicles, it is imperative for furnaces to have an annual tune up to keep them running smooth. The furnaces might experience reduced life span and lower level of performance without annual tune ups.
  • Air ducts – It is necessary to hold the warm air running through the air filter and blowers for successful heating and melting. The air ducts that have leakages or are old lead to about 20 % loss of hot air. So consult a professional from the experienced personnel of the leading Metal Melting Furnace Manufacturers to seal the air ducts or else the heated air will go waste.

If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it is worth replacing it from the premium industrial furnace company!

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