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Five Rings To Have In Your Box

Latest ring design in 2018


As we all know, jewellery is usually more than enough to transform a drab outfit into an eye catchy one that demands the attention of those around you. When you accessorize, you can wear your versatile basics without being boring.

The attention you get from wearing jewellery can sometimes be both positive and negative-wearing the right jewellery would portray an elegant, refined woman but to don, the mistaken jewellery would make you appearing overly gregarious and loud. Always choose the jewellery keeping occasion in mind, as it will help you in choosing the right pair of jewellery.

Nowadays, it is also necessary to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. Rings are great accessories, as you know. Accessorize your look with rings; here is a list of latest design rings.

1.Pastel Coloured Stone Ring

Pastel colours are always in fashions in colour. You don’t need to worry about the size this ring is adjustable. You can wear it on any finger The rose gold-finished of the ring would give you exceptional look. Pipe shape design of the ring will give your finger an smooth and slim look.

Bonus tip; wear this ring with a black outfit. You can also mix and match with your outfit.

fascraft pastel ring


2.Ethnic Finger Ring

Ethnic jewellery comes with traditional handicraft work. This ring is highlighted with the proposing design. Coral stone finish on oxidised German hoary. it is an adjustable ring so you don’t need to worry about size .

Bonus tip; wear with your traditional and ethnic wear .if you are looking for an bold look you can also pair up this ring with your office will definitely attract more attention.

fascraft 22


3.Giraffe-Shaped Finger Ring

We have seen many rings but this is a different ring with giraffe shape. If you are fond of funky look and always look for something diverse. This ring will give you a bold look and you can pair it with any look.

Bonus tip; carry this ring with your hippy outfit or beach look. don’t worry about colour contrast, this ring will go with all colours.

fascraft giraffe ring

 4.Heart Shaped Ring

A perfect gift for your girl. Impress her with the heart shaped stone ring. The heart shape of the ring is a symbol of love. The centre stone is of red colour, surrounded by the white stone in a heart shape and embedded in the golden finish.

Bonus tip; a multi-purpose ring, wear on special occasion team up with a pair of palazzo and kurta.

fascraft heart shape ring


5. Oval Shaped Finger Ring

This ring comes in the rose gold finish with an oval shape centre stone .it is an elegant piece. The oval stone of the ring is beautifully carved and surrounded by the white stone that increases the beauty of the ring. Style and elegance always come hand in hand .this ring is a masterpiece with both. Wear it on your middle finger to grab attention.

Bonus tip; a light colour stone of the ring would go with dark colours better. Wear this piece with dark colours.

fascraft ring


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