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How to Increase Facebook Likes in 2018

How to Bring Traffic on Your Facebook Page
Written by Ian

2 billion individuals! That’s how many active users Facebook has exceeded in 2018. Imagine the possibilities if you could funnel even 1% towards your page. That’s more than 20 million likes and follows! That amount of traffic will translate into significant income and reach for your business or brand. This blog can’t promise that you will get that many likes straight away, but you will find some sound advice on how to increase your Facebook likes in 2018. All you need is a plan, some luck and a reliable internet connection like Frontier internet. Here’s how you can go about getting more likes on your page in the turbulent landscape of 2018:

Why is Facebook Important?

Well to put it bluntly, Facebook has unprecedented power as a social platform. It is used across all demographics and has a global reach not paralleled by any other platform. So it’s no surprise that businesses and brands everywhere are trying to build a loyal base on Facebook. Some are lucky enough to experience going viral and gaining organic likes by the busload. For the less fortunate, there are still a number of things you can do to consistently expand your reach. Some of these are discussed below:

  1. Start with Personal Connections:

If you are active on Facebook, chances are you are connected with anywhere between 100 to 5000 people. They can be colleagues, friends, family or acquaintances. The point is that they are valuable means to organically promote your page. Facebook allows you to invite people in your friends list at the click of a button. While these people may not be your target audience, they will likely promote your page by sharing your content and give you visibility because they know you. This will extend your reach and help you engage more people in the long run.

  1. Focus on Images:

They say an image is worth a thousand words. You need to share engaging visual content to effectively reach a broader audience. The content has to be shareable for it to have any impact on your page likes. So how do you make shareable images for your page? The best way is to use free services like Canva to create attractive visual posts. You can base these posts on what others are posting in your industry as long as they’re consistently getting likes and shares.

  1. Be Active on Other Pages in Your Niche:

Connecting and cultivating relationships with influencers cannot be stressed on enough. These influencers are usually moderators of pages on Facebook that are linked to your niche. The followers of such pages are a prime part of your target audience. They are active, engaged and most off all, within your reach. Start by liking and commenting on posts from these pages and engaging with people in the comments section. Doing this from your own Facebook page raises the chance of getting clicks over onto your page from the moderator’s page. Adding conversions on the influencers page will get you noticed by both the moderators and the audience, which is a win-win.

  1. Leverage Your Other Platforms:

Just because Facebook is widely used doesn’t mean other social media platforms aren’t crucial to your goal. Instagram in particular is a great way to funnel likes onto Facebook. It tends to get the highest engagement so if you have a presence there, its time to act. Promote your Facebook page, use calls-to-action in the images and content you share on your Instagram. Let people know you exist and ask them to follow you. You will be surprised at the influx of traffic on Facebook through Instagram.

  1. The Rule of 80/20:

Excessive promotional posting can dampen your page’s organic growth. You may even annoy people to the point that they unfollow your page. A good rule of thumb to deal with this is the 80/20 rule. 80% of the content you post should be about the people on your page. It should be non-promotional content or at most, promote other people’s content. And the remaining 20% of the posts can be all about your page. This keeps your page from becoming overly promotional and losing its following.

  1. Hashtags Always:

Most of us find hashtags to be a bit silly but their applications are undeniable. While Instagram content typically requires 5 to 15 hashtags to garner enough engagement, you can work with fewer on Facebook. 1 or 2 is typically enough for the average Facebook post. In fact, there is evidence to believe that more than 2 hashtags can actually result in a drop in engagement.

  1. Facebook Ads:

With recent updates, it’s gotten much harder to get organic likes on Facebook. Essentially, all your efforts to get likes on Facebook will be harder than if you pay for advertising within Facebook. While Facebook Ads are not the simplest of things to master, you can hire growth hackers who have in-depth knowledge about how these ads work.

Facebook is constantly changing and rolling out new updates. It’s safe to assume this will happen for the foreseeable future. But most of these methods will work in its current state. Remember that getting likes is only the beginning. Keeping them engaged in the long term is the real challenge. Nobody’s going to call on your Frontier phone with a magical piece of advice. Your best bet is to explore as many avenues as possible and work with the combination that works best.


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