Iconic Jackets and Coats Worn by Celebrities

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The jackets worn by famous celebrities say more about them than any other on-screen clothing. Jackets make up part of the personality of character just a glimpse of collar or specific tattoo and you know whom you are watching. Here are some stylish and some most memorable piece of outwear in the history of cinema.

James Dean’s Jacket in Rebel without a Cause

For a man who at an age of 24 and who just started in three films, James Dean’s fashion is enormous and mark on pop culture when it comes to that red jacket which he has worn in Rebel without a Cause. He loved that jacket so much that he refused to give it back after shooting.

Steve Buscemi’s Jacket in Fargo

Coen Brothers’ black comedy Fargo was full of quality 90’s outwear. But Steve Buscemi’s over the top suede shearling coat that matched his character’s impatient and slightly absurd personality became that piece of clothing from which no one can resist.

Robert De Niro’s Jacket in Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro’s character in Taxi Driver has influenced countless anti-heroes. He played the role of psychotic Vietnam veteran turns taxi driver. But besides his unsettling and intense performance, it was Robert’s flight jacket became most memorable.

Brad Pitt’s Jacket in Fight Club

Brad Pitt plays the role of an insomniac office worker who wants to change his life. He met with soap maker forming an underground fight club. Brad Pitt laid-back approach to dressing that’s the reason why his leather jacket is still awesome. This fight club jacket is a piece of statement that rest of world would be hopeless to pull off.

Humphrey Bogart’s Jacket in Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart’s character in Casablanca was of a love-struck humble café owner. But his trench coat became more famous than his humble character. Humphrey became the original master of trench coats and that was the piece of style that we all love to own.

Daniel Craig’s Coat in Spectre

There is a separate list of all the piece of outwear that made appearance in Bond series but Daniel’s sublime bridge coat become Esquire’s favorite. Its beautiful bridge coat that has cut and length of a great overcoat.

Judd Nelson’s jacket in The Breakfast Club

It was not Judd’s bad attitude or even bag of dope that marked John Bender out as the coolest character in still definitive high school comedy but that was his denim jacket. Nelson established both the intermediary classic’s layering potential as well as the casualness required to pull it off.

Ewan McGregor’s Jacket in Trainspotting

During that exciting iconic ‘choose life’ tirade that opened the defining British film of 90’s. Paired with jeans and flannel tied around waist Ewan McGregor proves a golden rule of style that every man can look good in the bomber jacket.

Daniel’s fishtail parka in Quadrophenia

With Lambrettas piercingly tailored suits and seaside tribal clashes, Quadrophenia was the movie that distinct the post-war revolt style of the Mods and Rockers movement. And was also the conduit for one of the great jackets in British movies. Worn stylishly oversized to protect his slick red mohair suit the parka worn by Daniel character has never really left the fashion landscape.

Ryan Gosling’s Jacket in Drive

The satin souvenir jacket with all its gloss, finery and embellishments may be one of the greatest trends, but back in past that was something of the revelation of style, and the thing which makes it most unforgettable was Gosling’s white scorpion signature.

Harrison Ford’s Leather Jacket in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford’s hat might take all attention and plaudits but the real fashion hitter in his wardrobe is tastefully beaten up brown leather jacket from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. This jacket was actually made in England by a small brand.

Marlon Brando’s Leather Jacket in the Wild Ones

Marlon Brando’s outing as motorbike gang leader in the movie The Wild Ones, no celebrity, actor, biker or even a normal person has been able to come close to matching his natural mastery of the black biker jacket. It’s one of the hardest items in men’s wardrobe.

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