7of our Best Birthday Party Cakes for 2018

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It is now a tradition that birthdays cannot be done without cakes. Obviously, every celebration calls for anything sweet and for this cake is the best dessert for celebrating that occasion or celebration. So the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a birthday party is cake. These days cakes are available of different themes and flavours like fondue cakes, cheesecakes, cream cake, mousse cake, sponge cake, and these cakes awaken every bit of our taste buds and give them cake craving which only cures when we get the piece of our favourite cake.


Apart from different flavours, these days theme based cakes are so on trend, we have a list of best birthday party cakes of 2018 to clear your confusion about your next birthday cake idea.


1) Unicorn Cakes



Unicorns are so pretty and mystical that it can steal any girl’ heart and it has done something so similar. Girls are going crazy over unicorn stuff may it be eatables like unicorn cookies, macrons, milkshakes, bread, candies everything themed unicorn is their favourite and they want it. So Unicorn cake is a yes to your girl’s next birthday party. Mini confetti unicorn Cupcakes, a pink unicorn shaped cake or a usual cake with the shiny unicorn horn its eyes and hair made out of fondue would make a perfect unicorn cake. Usually, unicorn cakes should be of bright pink, white and purple colours to make them more delightful.


2) Rainbow Cake



Second in the list is Rainbow Cake. Rainbow cake can be made like an actual rainbow with chocolate or vanilla as its base and over it could be decorated with cream of different VIBGYOR colours or else you can base of cake of VIBGYOR colours and instead of cream jams can be used to press one layer of cake over another. You can also go for surprise rainbow cake by covering the seven layers cake of VIBGYOR colours by covering it with smooth buttercream icing and the surprise will open up once you cut the cake.


3) Candy Cake



Cake decorating has gone to another level in 2018 one can make cakes of their favourite cookies and candies by crushing them and adding them along with the batter when set to bake. Moreover, you can add your favourite candies like Reese’s, mars, Hershey’s bar, Kit-Kat can be arranged over the cake after icing of the cake is done. Also, you can cover the whole cake with Malt Milk Balls or M&M candies to have the perfect birthday cake.


4) Super Hero Cake



Marvel and DC are favourites of teenagers and youngsters. Their characters like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Iron Man are amongst the most admired ones. And so if it’s your son’s birthday he would be most excited to get this superhero cake. Super Hero cakes are like if Thor you can make a hammer if Captain America you can get shield’s form of cake, logos of Superman or Batman these bright colours of the cake and a feature, designs or graphics of superhero will make your child happiest.


5) Tropical Cakes



This is the season of tropical birthday party cakes, this warm weather and slight drizzle have inspired us to create different tropical themed cakes. Tropical cakes can be of Hawaiian themed, tropical blue orchid cake, palm tree cake, pineapple cake, Flamingos cake and any other theme which attributes the tropical season. You can order birthday cake online of tropical theme for the party this tropical season.


6) Hidden Sweetie Cake



Surprises can bring excitement and happiness in everyone’s eyes so this is a very unique idea for bringing the surprise in your birthday cake. Sweeties or candies are hidden inside the cake and once you cut the cake the sweeties inside would overflow and surprise the birthday girl/boy. This would also be the best birthday gift delivery at the birthday boy/girl’s doorstep to surprise them with such a wonder Birthday cake.


7) Arty Crafty Cake



This cake on the list is for all those little art lovers who love arts and crafts. This would be the art by their parents to them on their birthday. The kids create wonderful art pieces with help of watercolours and glitter the same colours and glitters can be made of fondue and decorated on the cake. Paintbrushes, sketch pens, splashes of different colours can be done on the cake to make it look like a piece of art. This will definitely boost the inner artist in your kid.


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