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5 Bathroom Safety Tips for Preventing Slips and Falls

Bathroom Safety Tips
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Actually it is so important that we make our house safe and secure for this it is very important that you make your washroom safe from slip and trips. Because this is a place where most of the accidents use to happen and according to the stats almost 230,000 people get injured every year by falling in the bathroom. And from these reported cases most of the cases are related to the aged people who are almost 65 years old. For this you have to take steps to make your washroom safer and secure by using mats, improving accessibility, and installing non slipping floors. Here in this article we are discussing about bathroom safety tips bathroom safety tips that you should prefer to take so that you could prevent slips, trips and falls.

1. Install Grab Bars:

So if you have elders present in your house then you should prefer to install grab bars in your washroom so that your elders could grab it for their safety while taking shower. It will help you to prevent from any type of slip, trips and falls. Keep in mind that prevention is much better than regret. Basically these grab bars will perform two types of functions firstly they will give you and your loved one a grabbing support when your loved one will be about to slip. Secondly these grab bars could be used for grip while your loved one will be trying to move in or out of bath tub.

2. Install Non-Slip Surfaces:

Next thing that you should prefer to do while installing floorings in your washroom is to keep in mind that you have to use the non-slippery floorings. So that you could avoid falls, slip and trip[s as much as you can. Other than that you can also place non-slippery mats, rugs, runners etc near bathtubs so that you can avoid injuries and falls.

3. Installation of Handheld Shower Head:

Next thing that you should prefer to do is to install shower heads that are that will minimize your movement in the shoe and make the process easy for you. You can simply use these movable shower heads simply by sitting on the bathroom seats. Which in return will lower down the chances of accidents.

4. Improve Accessibility:

Next thing that you can do for making your washroom a safe place is to improve the accessibility range of things. For this you can install open shelves near the shower area so that you could grab shampoo, conditioner, bath towels sale, bath gel soap etc very easily.  Other than that you can use these shelves for placing decorations to make your washroom more appealing.

5. Remove Obstacles:

Next thing that you should prefer to do for making it a safe place is to remove all types of obstacles that could result in causing trip and falls. So in that case you should prefer to remove all types of obstacles from your washroom that could be worn out mats, rugs that could make you fall.

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