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5 Ways to Bring Down Energy Consumption of Commercial Buildings

energy consumption of commercial buildings
Written by Oliver Kim

Energy prices are a huge concern for commercial buildings because the energy consumption of the commercial buildings is high and it costs landlords a lot of money. High-energy consumption affects the profits of the commercial building and it also has a negative impact on the environment.

If a commercial building wants to lower the energy consumption then they need to pay up the commercial EPC cost and find solutions that can help them in lowering the energy consumption. Here are a few tips that can help in keeping the energy consumption under control.

Make the Best Use of Natural Light:

The commercial buildings use a lot of lighting to make sure that the workplaces or stores are well-lit. The lighting contributes plenty to the electricity bills and you can always lower their contribution by making the best use of the natural light. If you use skylight on the south and north side of the building will help in making the best use of the daylight and keep the use of artificial light to a minimum.

Try Heat Recovery:

There are a lot of appliances and equipment used in the commercial buildings that produce heat and instead of letting the heat go to waste you can use a heat exchanger and help to offset the heat from the HVAC. About 80 to 90 % of the electrical energy is converted into heat by the air compressor and with the help of the heat recovery unit you can recover 50 to 90 % heat and use it to warm the building or heating water.

Motion Sensitive Lights:

 You should upgrade the technology that a commercial building is using. The technology has improved and becomes smart and it can help in lowering the electricity bills significantly. Installing motion sensitive light switches are a great investment as they will make sure that the lights are only switched on when the building or the room is occupied. The lights are automatically switched off when the building is empty.

Use Improved Technology:

It is important to switch to modern technology because the new technology is designed to consume less technology. If you keep using old technology whether it is lighting, office equipment, heating or cooling system, it will increase the electricity bills because old technology is not as efficient as modern technology.

You should switch to LED lighting as they are more efficient and durable. Programmable thermostats are also a great addition if you are looking for energy efficiency.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Electric Loads:

In commercial buildings, there are often electric loads that are totally unnecessary and are simply adding to the electricity bills. There are some electronics that are switched on but they are not being used. You should do a survey of the building and make a list of the phantom loads because they make up at least 10 % of the electricity bills.

Lowering the energy consumption of the commercial building is not only important for monetary purpose but is also effective in playing a part in keeping the environment clean and preserved.

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