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How to Purchase and Sell Property in Pakistan and Why Bahria Town Karachi would be a Perfect Investment

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First step is to find the correct market value of any property

This is a very important step in order to avoid being over charged or under paid while purchasing/selling any property. It is actually pretty easy to find out the actual/estimated market value of any property.

For example if you have found a property that looks great to you and you are highly interested in it, finding out the market price is the first thing you should be doing.

Agents are super helpful for this process so make sure your estate agents are reliable. Remember, don’t entirely rely on them for it and don’t follow whatever information they provide you. For example if you are interested in a property located in bahria paradise Karachi, here is how you can figure out the estimated market price of any property whether you are a seller or a dealer.

Find 2 agents, let’s assume they are Agent X and Agent Y. Call agent X and ask them about the price of that certain property and the final call of it as well. Mark it as price#1. Then Call Agent Y and tell them that you need to sell that property and ask them the market value. Mark it as price#2.

Add both the prices and divide the sum by two. There you have the estimated market value!

Meet and negotiate in person, don’t let the middleman get in between

This is crucial since many fraudulent agents want you to deal with them instead of having a meeting face-to-face with the actual owner so that they could get away with their fraud.

But remember, no matter what, you need to meet and negotiate with the owner face-to-face. Ask your agent to arrange a proper meet-up with the owner so that you can cross check and verify the allotment/transfer letter with the NIC of the person you’re meeting with. Don’t settle on dealing with the agent face-to-face.

If you are told by your agent that the owner is out of town or abroad, don’t buy these excuses and walk away if this situation occurs.

For example if you are dealing with an outside dealer who is not an authorized bahria town Karachi dealer, follow these steps to stay aware.

Double check and verify the allotment to be on the safe side

Even though the agent was not the one and only working on the deal, you can’t deny his right. Because they have helped you find a secure deal, it is necessary that you give him his commission. Be sure you don’t forget to do so.

However, after everything has been finalized you should visit the society’s office yourself to reassure everything like the status of your property and other things as a final step. Then you can go ahead and pay your agent. Follow this rule especially if you are dealing with an agent for the first time.

 Now done with the talk of expert buying. Here is how Bahria Town Karachi satisfies all the needs of authentic investment:

Unlike other massively developed countries, Pakistan never has a perfect infrastructure. Only big cities of our country are blessed with well-built roads or established housing community but most of the cities lack basic housing system.  Even in a metropolitan city like Karachi, the housing system lacks basic technicalities, usually, they are loosely created on a plan which is just a percent better than common colonies situated in the city.

Unlike the Western government, our government authorities never really focused on beautifying the country, with beautification we mean building bigger and better housing communities with proper infrastructure and a perfect system.

Besides the government, other non-governmental authorities have potential people who dream about making Pakistan progressive. From building massive shopping malls to creating magnificent housing system; the industrialist sector is not only developing itself but its focus on building bigger and better Pakistan for their fellow Pakistanis.

Whenever someone’s going to talk about luxurious real estate housing system in Pakistan, the only name that’s going to pop-up is Bahria Town.  This name defines massive project containing nothing but excellence, aesthetically designed, and a perfect way to spend your life.

People working in Bahria aim to bring developing country in comparison with the developed countries; at least in the housing sector.

Bahria Town always aimed to bless Pakistanis with an ideal housing system, where perfection lies. They strived and achieved their goals in big cities like Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore by successfully establishing their huge projects.

Bahria Town Lahore and Bahria Town safari villas Rawalpindi are the two successors that urged the creators to build one such project in Karachi as well.

Why is Bahria Town Karachi a blessing for Karachites?

It would be hard for a true karachite to agree but a city like Karachi desperately seeks a real estate housing system like Bahria Town, and the reasons never stop pouring.

The lack of attention turned the city from “city of lights” to “sheer representation of ignorance.” And in such circumstances, people of Karachi can’t help but dream of something as amazing as Bahria Town.

Well, daydreaming needs to stop now as reality is waiting for people of Karachi. After blessing the big cities, Bahria town is all set to launch itself in the biggest city of Pakistan; Karachi.

And because it’s Karachi, it means something is coming towards us. If you live in Karachi you need to visit the Bahria Town Karachi near Tool Plaza as it is a sneak peek to the luxurious standard of living.

As soon as you visit Bahria Town Karachi and bless your eyes with its creation like Bahria Town Sports Villa or Bahria Farmhouse Karachi, you’ll surely want to live in this state of the art housing society.

A big decision like buying a real estate property should be handled with care, and in case you’re looking forward to doing such task then only and only go for Bahria Town’s authorized dealers, The Haroon Estate.

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