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Get Auto Insurance without License for the Vehicle You Own

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Are you trying to get car insurance but do not have a driving license? You’ll have to go looking for auto insurance no drivers license. It could be simple and quick if you search online instead of putting off visiting your local agent anymore. Consumers can reach most service providers over smartphone apps.

Can you get car insurance if you don’t have a license?

When people want to buy a car or continue keeping one without driving it, they will need car insurance. Purchasing a vehicle in one’s own name is possible. Moreover, you are mandated to have a vehicle protection plan, which is again possible. You might just have to be careful where to look for it. People wishing to drive a vehicle must have mandatory driving license and car insurance complying with state of residence. Shopping for no license auto insurance is simpler and quicker online than offline. Unless of course, you are buddy-buddy with a car insurance agent/broker.

Do I need a driver’s license to get auto insurance?

No, you don’t!

Let’s consider a scenario where you do not have a valid driving license, yet you need to buy car insurance. If you intend to purchase a vehicle for someone else but keep your name on the tittle, you’ll need car insurance, since car dealerships and lenders will not permit buying without it. The fact is in such cases you are not required to have a driving license to purchase the necessary car insurance. You’ll just have to do something extra to get that auto insurance no license you are looking for. The catch is you’ll need a driving license number even for applying for any auto insurance policies. Car insurance carriers include principal or primary driver in any policy. This is where you’ll need to search for specialized insurers. A single online application form with online service providers like NDCI can help you connect with multiple specialized car insurance carriers.

Use cost free online services to discover specialized insurers for best deals for auto insurance with no license. Online assistance finds firms and insurers from a nationwide network for a simple and quick solution despite an absence of a valid driving license. If you are spending money on a vehicle and its vehicle protection plan, you may want it to be in your name. In such cases, primary drivers provide the license number and other necessities for computing auto insurance policies while underwriting. Premiums are usually increased or decreased on driving record of primary driver. The primary driver or other drivers need not be your vehicle and its auto insurance policy holders. Of course, every driver will need own driving license and a non-owners insurance policy to drive your car.

If you search car insurance online you’ll quickly realize driving record and license numbers are required fields. These are compulsory for computing rates and premiums. You can get auto insurance without license successfully with a primary driver’s information though. Only certain insurers will allow this, not all kinds of underwriters want to do it. However, your name will be included as an excluded driver and you will not get benefits of collision and comprehensive coverage

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