10 best Android games that you can play on your TV with Chromecast

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It is quite thrilling about how the gaming has evolved in the past decades. There have been such great advancements and developments with the coming of the newest features in town. Though, there are many aspects of gaming yet to be explored. Like most of us don’t know about the Google’s Chromecast feature. This is because we ignore it because of the lack of decent games.

Now the time has changed and there is a tremendous number of awesome games which can be played on Chromecast enabled TV for the utmost gaming experience.

Therefore, without further delay here are top 10 Android games that you can play on your TV with the help of Chromecast.

RISK: Global Domination

It is a family-friendly board game, which has recently received the Chromecast update. On this platform, you easily compete with random players around the world or with your friends locally via the pass and play option. You can easily fulfill your desire of ruling the world by resting in your living room through the game of RISK on your TV. With the online mode, you can launch attacks by defending your territory and sending troops on your enemy’s territory.

Price: This game is free on Android and Ios platform.

Monopoly: Here and Now

One of the most popular board game is brought to the virtual platform by Monopoly: Here and Now. However, it did not stop here now you can even play it on your television through Chromecast. It offers you to play in single player mode or in multiplayer where you can easily challenge other payers. Download this game to see game pieces, animated and 3-D board coming to life. Just download this game in your device and in your friend’s device to start playing your way around the globe.

Price: For Android users, its free but for Ios users, it will cost around Rs. 200/- only.

Tricky Titans

Tricky titans is a multiplayer game in which you are supposed to hit three other players with your slinging projectiles. You are supposed to choose wisely that either to attack or defend or else charging your abilities as other opponent players would be doing the same. The initial gameplay is very easy and simple so that everyone can easily pick up but to survive in the game you need to put on some good amount of strategies. All the challenge it offers makes it quite enjoyable.

Price: this is absolutely free on every platform and does not even contains advertisements.

Just Dance Now

This game comes from a very standard and reputed company named Ubisoft. Just Dance Now is a different game as compared to other games listed above. You are supposed to use your smartphone as the controller and your gameplay will be displayed on the internet-connected screen. The app keeps a track of your dance moves when you compete with the opponent in the multiplayer mode.

Price: This application is free for Android users and contains advertisements. However, Ios users will have to pay Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 only. You can also use various games offers to buy this game.

Fire Team
Every other person is familiar with the gameplay of the Hudson soft’s most famous game Bomberman. Fire Team has similar gameplay and will definitely remind you of Bomberman. Because of the lack of online mode, you can only compete with your family and friends locally. In this game, you just have to place bombs in the playfield to trap your opponent in the explosion.

Price: Fire Team for Chromecast is free for every platform available.

Grail Cast

Grail Cast game can let you live your dream of the greatest treasure hunter. The imprecise controls demand utmost skills to give a tough competition to your opponent. Maximum of 4 players can play this game at one time and luck plays a very important role in it as the imprecise controls add up to the challenge and make it tough to find treasures.

Price: Grail Cast is free and contains no advertisements as well.

CastNES – Chromecast Games

First of all just to make sure CastNES is not a game but it is an emulator. To be accurate, it is an NES emulator and can run any NES ROM which you have. In the starting, you will have to buy the NES ROM and then you can easily cast it on any screen using Chromecast. This emulator is able to run any NES game ever made and is compatible with nearly every smartphone and tablet. You will use your phone as the controller and the game would display on the TV screen on the full size.

Price: This emulator is free for Android and contains advertisements but Ios users will have to buy this.

Alien Invaders

Just like one of the classic game the Space invader, Alien Invaders also offers similar gameplay. You just have to destroy the aliens descending towards the spaceship before you reach the bottom. Apart from its basic gameplay, it lags at some places but in most of the places, it works as it is supposed to be.

Price: This game is free on every platform and contains advertisement as well.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds is a very popular game that works on the basic slinging principle of physics. Angry Birds Friends is same as that to original one but it compresses it into a competitive tournament. Every tournament consists of six levels and every week two new tournaments are added. Your main goal will be to score maximum you can and reach to the top of the leaderboard.

Price: Ios users will have to pay Rs. 600/- for this game while, Android users can get it for free.

Trivia Bash for Chromecast

Trivia Bash is a different game from all the games mentioned above. It is a quiz game that totally depends on the player’s reaction time. It has a simple gameplay in which the first person to answer correctly earns the points and at the end of every round whoever has maximum points wins. The questions asked in the game can be sometimes tricky but after many playthroughs, the questions start repeating themselves.

Price: This game is free on every platform but contains unnecessary advertisements.

It is a proven fact that gaming can actually relieve stress and help you boost concentration. Moreover, with the latest features, the overall procedure has taken a complete turn. Now it is more about the themes, techniques, movements and more. Thus, keep up a spirit to explore these best android games with chromecast to experience a better gaming action flick.

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