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The ART of Digital Photography

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Digital Camera is the term which defines Photography suitably. The cameras are around for centuries to take pictures but they are very different in size, design and method wise. Camera is one of the oldest inventions of the early centuries and they surely has becomes completely different of what we observed earlier. The camera of today has been exceptionally diverse. Cameras of today are very compact, digitalized and very proficient in capturing substantial amount of pictures of yours and your family. The old cameras has restriction of photos, limited storage capacity and pictures being printed on film roll, while on the newer models of cameras the pictures will be printed digitally on almost everything you like and there is no limitations of the pictures and the last but not the least these pictures doesn’t required film roll because of the fact that these cameras does capture images digitally.


Since there are two categories in camera industry which is being used today to capture great pictures reasonably well.

Mirror less Camera
Mirror Less Camera s are one of the great choices to make when you looking for a camera for your photographical needs, As per the name appears to be that these cameras are without any mirror that means there is no mirror present inside the camera to reflect light in order to obtain pictures. Mirror less camera is very compact in size and shape however you can sad attachments to it so you can have a visibly better picture of you and your friends and family. The mirror less camera has enormous power when comes to picture taking. Mirror less camera is the perfect amalgamation of DSLR and Compact cameras.

Light weight
The mirror less cameras is quite handy to carry because of the light weight. Mirror less cameras is a little bit more in size than that of a compact camera but it’s one of the best in capturing great images. Light weight is one of the salient features of the mirror less camera which add more worth in these state of the art cameras of today.

Auto Focus
Auto Focus is one of the imperative characteristic of mirror less camera which uses this technology which detects all the minor details in the picture while shooting and at the time of capturing the picture if your hand shakes a bit or you move a little which causes the picture to be blurry or out of focus the auto focus feature will make the picture very adjustable while taking them and keep them clear and still just like when a person is clicking some still pictures in an event or a gathering or on outdoor picnics. Auto Focus is the latest features of Mirror less camera which shoot the picture as you like without even disturbing or shaking the image convincingly.

Constant image Capturing
The mirror less camera is designed with precision engineering and because of that it has all the amazing features and options that is surely captivating and appealing, The advanced versions of mirror less has the option of snapping persistent images at a time . the newer models has the capacity to capture 11-25 picture per frame in a second by producing this amazing features of the constant imaging or continuous image capturing is the best possible option to take bulk pictures in one go so you have multiple shots which will be easier for the user to choose the one which comes out the best and keep it printed as a memory forever. Just like abundance of advantages of the mirror less cameras this is one of the potential features to use while snapping pictures indoor or outdoor.

Point and Shot Camera
Point and shoot cameras is another type of camera which is used in capturing great images at times. These cameras are ultra compact which makes them one of the most expedient cameras of today you can slide them in your trousers and keep them with you all day long wherever you go the compact size is the most vital presentation of the point and shoot cameras of the modern age today.

Weight less
These compact cameras are observed almost weight less that makes them one of the most manageable cameras these days. Whether you traveling to a sizzling destination to explore. Exotic islands or wild life jungle or woods these cameras will be your best travel companion which is with you all the time when you having most of the fun in life and the user capture all the great memories in one compact camera which doesn’t have much weight to hold or carry.

Permanent Lens
Fixed or permanent lens is inducted in the point and shoot cameras, so whatever your point and shoot camera configuration is you can rely on them, greatly because of the permanent lens the camera is integrated with. Well mostly the user is quiet satisfied with the permanent lens choice because they works exceptionally well in shooting great images which later becomes memories to cheer.

Economical Purchase
When you own a point and shoot cameras they will definitely benefit you in the price segment because the point in shoot cameras happens to be very economical purchase to make when you observing the cost factor. These point and shoot cameras have one of the most economical prices when you compare with other pricey cameras present these days for digital photography.

Final Evaluation
Camera is known to be the center of attraction for millions of consumers around the world to shoot great pictures constantly and advancements and change in the cameras will definitely be admired and accepted by the people using cameras across the globe the above comparison between point and shoot cameras and the Mirror less Cameras find pretty informative for the people looking forward to make a purchase for the camera. has all the great assortment of digital cameras price in Pakistan. Make the pictures being the most memorable forever while capturing them with the modern revolutionary cameras of at present.

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