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Digital transformation – Embrace the next wave of tech revolution

Written by jamaraydaa

Digital transformation today drives major to minor business operations which is why fully embracing the technology would ensure survival. The concept however isn’t something entirely new as we’ve been brainstorming on certain factors for more than a decade such as paperless offices, consumerisation of IT, rich user experience and BYOD so on; all are stepping stones that lead towards complete digital transformation.

Enterprise-wide transformation nowadays is driven by innovative technology and user/customer inclination towards everything. Although tech innovation sparks disruption, it’s crucial to completely adopt the digital advancement thus improving organisation’s operations and help end-users finding just the solution they’re looking for.

Taking the decision, essential queries

  • Are these innovations worthy of bringing an optimistic change and value to organisations?
  • Is it easy to adopt the latest technology or, organisations struggle to implement the change?
  • Are industrial regulatory compliance standards being met?
  • What about safety, security and corporate partner demands?

That being said, digital revolution isn’t just for the high and mighty but organisations of all sizes, irrespective of their operating nature realises huge efficiency when going digital. The platform improves overall processes that eventually augments and serve customers in much better way.

Break the boundaries by going digital

  • The case of “Three Rivers Legal”

A small organisation in South Florida named “Three Rivers Legal Service” has set an example of welcoming improvements through digitalisation. The enterprise is a non-profit law firm dedicated to provide quality assistance and legal education to the socially neglected, disabled, abused and poor. A huge percentage of their client is homeless and it’s quite obvious keeping track of essential paperwork is not less than a headache.

“Three Rivers” also experienced theft, severe weather anomalies and incidental loss of crucial documents while living in the shelters and on the streets. The paperwork was necessary for medical care, public assistance, job application and veterans’ benefits to help the organisation forge a path to independent living of all such individuals.

  • Digitalised paperwork

Initially, the firm was archiving legal documents and other important files belonging to the displaced clients on an internal management system that’s inaccessible beyond the office premises. This significantly dropped productivity and raised frustration since associated corporate team was unable to conduct field work in public places such as libraries, parks, government offices and shelters.

That being said, dispatching such papers to the clients with no permanent address was another challenge and totally unsafe! This is when the firm realised the need for reliable, secure and convenient solution and digital was the only way to go.

  • Changing lives for the better

Moving to the digital platform, clients associated to “Three Rivers” have the advantage of a secure solution through which accessing and sharing critical documents with government enterprises, medical professionals and many others happened in just mere seconds.

Online access to the patient’s history and digital medical records allowed legal aides at the company to collaborate with industry professionals in real-time thus stabilising the affected individuals with their custom needs.

The transformation let the organisation deliver exceptional services quickly and reliably to the right people actually in need. “Three Rivers” also experienced waiting time of the clients to drop significantly all because of convenient and timely access to essential documents whenever needed.

More than 30-percent of the homeless clients today moved out of the streets and shelters towards a more stable, secure and safe living while experiencing quality lifestyle. With digitalisation, the numbers are set to increase even further.

Digitalisation in data centres
The detailed analysis of “Three Rivers” made it clear how important digitalisation is to industries irrespective of their size and nature of operations. This goes double for firms engaged in providing IT services and solutions such as data centres and many even moved their operations to the digital platform, powered by AI thus illustrating significant improvements

The world’s on a brink of transformation driven by advance technology having its roots in digital solutions so, the faster you accept, quicker to experience success.

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