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Enjoy Great Music and Stay Safe with Bone Conduction Headphones

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Most of the people loves to listening music as it make them to be feeling relaxed and refreshed also it is a best companion when a person is alone. Hearing songs became as a hobby for many of them as they experiences like getting accompanied with something at their work so they can be able to stay active. The importance given to listening music leads to the introduction of headphones and earphones which let a person to hear their favourite songs without disturbing others at any place. But there is a problem of causing hear damages by hearing songs for a long time using headphones or earphones also it may occurs even due to hearing the songs in increased volume. In order to overcome this kind of problem bone conduction headphones were introduced.

  • Bone conduction headphones won’t cause any damage to eardrums and using this headphone is completely safe and healthy for your ears according to a review from Audio
  • It is implemented with almost all the features that are available in the headphones or earphones with that you can enjoy all the facilities which you experienced with the headphones or earphones.

How does bone conduction headphone works?

Usually the earphones and headphones work based on the air conduction which passes the sound through external ear and middle ear to reach the inner ear which reduces the hearing of excess noise. But bone conduction headphones are unlike to air conduction technology as they bypasses the sound by causing the vibrations in jaw and cheek bones through the outer ear and the middle ear to reach the inner ear. This headphone needs to be wear around the neck so that the band will be flexibly fit to the head bones and the exact placing will be on front of the ear that connects with cochlea for transmitting sounds.

Types of bone conduction headphones

The bone conduction headphones are available in two types such as headphone and earphones are wired and wireless. The wired and wireless bone conduction headphones possess the features similar to that of in the normal headphones. The wireless bone conduction headphones are used by pairing with device through Bluetooth and it holds a power backup which has to be checked and need to be charged when it is low. The wired bone headphones are connected with devices using the jack. When compared these headphones with the normal headphones or earphones you can find that the pitch of sound and bass will be low still it offers sound in good quality. You can find these headphones in different colours and are made with a stylish sporty look. They are also made as sweat proof so that they can be used while doing workouts and any sport activities. Whereas wireless seems to be best for using during sport activities as the wired need to hold the device along this may cause some disturbances. Some brands of wireless bone conduction headphones can be used even during swimming also.

Advantages of using bone conduction headphones

  • This headphone can be helpful for the hearing loss patients to listen the sounds as this device reproduces the sound by causing vibration in the bones.
  • This headphone can be used during driving as it makes the driving safe because it allows hearing the surrounding noises as the ears are not covered.
  • Through using the bone conduction headphones people are prevented from hearing loss and damages along with that they can be aware of the sounds around them which can make them alert.
  • It can be used in any kind of environment as it suits well to be used in any place.
  • It is used in military for communication purposes on the battlefield.
  • This device can be used for wireless communication in underwater also as it contains the underwater transceiver that combines with the bone conduction technology to produce ultrasound range.

Where to shop the bone conduction headphones?

The bone conduction headphones are now available in online shopping websites where you can find both wired and wireless bone conduction headphones. So you know need to go for the shops and you can find all the brands of wired and wireless bone conduction headphones in online sites. They are available in the colours as they are manufactured. You can find these headphones in varied price ranges as it based upon the brand, quality and features it offers. You can make a review on each and every product then have a comparison over them and select the best one with matching up your budget. After selecting you can proceed for placing the order of the quantity you need. Check for the discount offers while placing the order that let you to save little amount. Place the order by doing the payment and the product will get delivered at your doorstep.

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