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Written by Kenneth Evans

Maintaining Your Website

Designing and developing a website is essential to your online presence. With dedication, you can have a stunning website that you can be proud of. After the site creation, you should ask yourself; is that all? The answer is NO; work has just begun.

A website is not an objective but a means, an additional channel in a business strategy. It is not a goal but a way. After the development of a website, you must continue to monitor it. If we talk about a car which is a more integrated element in our lives than a web page, we see the need to take care of it. A website is the same; it needs attention, reviews, and maintenance tasks. This way, it will offer a better service to you and your customers.

Preventive Maintenance

It includes all the care designed to prevent possible problems on a website, to get ahead so that issues do not occur. It must be understood that all technologies around the Internet are evolving at great speed and a site must be kept up to date. These are some preventive maintenance tasks:

• Apply updates and security patches on servers: with updates, security problems are discovered on the web server software. Leaving them out of date means running the risk of being attacked and suffering information thefts, using your web servers to send spam or other fraudulent activities, or simply leaving your website out of service. Depending on the type of web hosting used, you will have to take care of this type of updates.

• Apply updates and security patches on the website software: in addition to server problems (for example the operating system), security or performance problems can be discovered in the software used by the website (Apache, IIS,, WordPress, PHP, etc.). In these cases, you also have to apply security updates as soon as possible.

• Update old versions: when the software version used end their lives (i.e., they no longer have technical support), you must replace them with new versions. For example, at the time of writing this article, PHP versions 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 are obsolete and no longer receive technical support. Despite this, many websites still use them. Without having technical support, the security problems that appear cannot be corrected which will leave the sites that use these versions at risk. All sites that still use PHP to version below 5.6 or 7.0 should be updated.

Corrective maintenance

After you try to avoid problems on your website, the truth is that issues can still occur. When this happens, the objective will be to resolve the incident as soon as possible. It is essential to assess the impact of your website developing a problem on your business and online presence. If the effect is medium or high, it is advisable to contract the maintenance of the site where it will get the necessary attention and resolving the problem promptly.

Surveillance and improvement

A website is something alive that must grow and evolve while adapting to new technologies and the needs of your business. For this, you can perform some of these tasks:

• Access surveillance records: websites create a record of all the requests they receive. Its most common use is to obtain statistics of use, web traffic, but it can also be used to detect fraudulent access attempts, pages that are not found or pages that produce errors and that require some correction in the website.

• Monitoring the performance and traffic of a website: it is essential that the speed with which a website loads its information is fast. This will not only show that your website is optimized, but visitors will also be hooked if your contents are fantastic.

Monitoring the performance and traffic of a website may reveal the need to increase the capacity of the web hosting used, or perhaps excessive traffic may indicate an inappropriate use of the website.

• Web positioning (SEO): when someone uses a search engine with terms related to your business, you need to appear in the first position of the search results. Your positioning strategy and competence will determine if this will happen. It is essential to regularly review your web positioning, study its evolution and analyze the existing opportunities to ensure traffic to your website.

• Web analytics: it is about knowing the relevant information about who and how your website is used. A website must constantly be evolving, and the decisions you make must be based on reliable data. Many times, what you perceive as the best for your site is not the same as what your customers think. You have to find a way to improve your web presence. There are many tools that you can use to analyze your website.

Hire a web maintenance service

All the time it takes to perform web maintenance activities is the time that you can devote to researching the market, create and implement marketing strategies, sales. You need to focus on the aspects of your business where you can make improvements while you leave this type of activities for the developers who will carry them out faster and better. The work processes in your business will be more fluid, and you can delegate all the web maintenance tasks to the specialist to be able to use your time for what you think is right. Also, you can be sure that he will do his job more effectively and efficiently.

In summary, you must take care of your website and help it develop. Many times, our website concept revolves around “what we offer the world.” If you take care of your website and make it useful and attractive, you can feel the great value that the other complementary concept supposes for your business and that you sometimes forget: “what the world can offer you.”

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