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6 Car Rental Tips, AAA Arizona Says Will Help You

Car Rental Tips Arizona
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Arizona AAA Provides A Tips for Rentals

Millions of American drivers know how car rentals contribute in making their trip easy. Here are a few tips put forward by AAA Arizona. These tips come in handy for the general driver public especially to tide over fender benders. Car owner, car drivers with their personal vehicle currently in repair shops may find these tips especially useful as they visit a rental.

AAA has been a valuable go-to source for travel information of all kinds involving travel by car. It would be really great if drivers can check these 6 tips before renting their substitute car this summer.

1. Do the math

Sometimes, general driver public comes across a rental offering unbelievable low rates. But when it comes to paying up, it might not turn out right after totaling everything. Rentals are infamous for not declaring in advance information on taxes, surcharges and other fees they charge their customers. Clarify this before deciding on a vehicle. If rates are too low, they are probably too good to be true.

2. Plan ahead

It is always best to be aware of car insurance before you will need a rental. You should decide whether you will have to insure your rental. Your current auto insurance policies, major credit cards may already provide this facility. So review your policy and credit agreements before you embark on a journey where you might need to hire rentals.

3. Check restrictions

Rentals are also infamous for fine print that spell out a lot of restrictions. These are actually put there so they can ‘collect’ on drivers breaking the ‘rules’. Check with rental agencies when you are planning to drive across state lines or on dirt roads. Do it even though it might appear to be insignificant to you. Short or long distances may not be relevant. You can avoid plenty of extra charges and or other penalties if you OK it before locking in with your rental deal.

4. Be on time … but not too early

This might be surprising to many. If you put in your rental early, you could be paying extra charges! It might be understandable over late arrivals but why pay extra when you can be on time. So, time your arrival right or wait around. Contact rental if you are being late to minimize loss. Many rental agencies welcome explanations when customers call ahead. They can usually provide some wiggle time to prevent a penalty.

5. Supply your own car seat

A child safety seat can cost you more than $ 10 a day extra. If you are going to need a rental while traveling with children, carry your own car seat. It will save you the opportunity cost that rentals make from customers renting one from car companies.

6. Ask for discounts and deals

Don’t forget to ask for discounts and deals that can bring down costs of your overall rental fees. There are many discounts made available through rentals especially for members of various organizations and affiliations. AAA provides a number benefits to all their members across the country. When AAA members rent through Hertz, they can expect free use for one child safety seat with each rental. AAA members traveling together get no charge benefits for up to four additional drivers who meet standard rental qualifications.

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