Money Savers: 6 Items You Should Buy From Other People

You don’t have to turn to stores to get new stuff. A lot of times you should turn to Craigslist or other listing sites to see if other people are selling the things you need. Most of the time, people are selling their unused stuff for a fraction of the original cost. Thus, you don’t have to pay the full price to get something you need.

If you want to save money, you should first turn what other people are selling instead of visiting the shops at Ayala Malls Vermosa. You do not only spare yourself from hefty price tags. You also give their stuff another chance. However, you shouldn’t buy everything from other people. There is only a handful of things you should get from them. The list below shows you which items you should buy second hand.

1. Exercise equipment

In reality, most exercise equipment at home is underutilized. Most people only use them at the beginning when it’s new and shiny. During these time, they are committed to achieving their summer bodies or doing their fitness regimen. After a while, they begin to fall off. They don’t want the machine filling up their room. They lose interest in losing weight and would instead try a different activity. All of these reasons make exercise machines a perfect hand-me-down.

Shopping tip: Research the brand and test the equipment before sealing the deal.

2. Hand tools

There are many hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers in circulation. You don’t have to buy a new one if you need only need for a short time. Surprisingly, pawnshops are great places to spot used tools. You’ll be lucky to find some even have a lifetime warranty.

Shopping tip: Whatever you do, don’t but tools from a dollar store.

3. Gadgets and tech accessories

You can get last year’s model half the original price. You get both value and quality when you purchase devices and accessories that were only used once or twice. Some brands, like Apple, sells refurbished laptops and computers with a limited warranty.

Shopping tip: Don’t purchase technology from brands you don’t know. Also, don’t get products that released a few years ago.

4. Sports gear

Equipment for specific sports especially seasonal sports is also ideal purchases if you are looking for ways to save for your sporting needs. Most beginners often purchase the items and don’t stick with the sport much once they find out it isn’t for them. You never know when it could be the same for you. To prevent losing a lot of money, you should look for sports gear in pristine condition people who are no longer using them.

Shopping tip: You shouldn’t go overboard even when the items are cheap. Stick to the things you only need those that fit your skills.

5. Furniture

You can find a lot of people moving or downsizing. Most of them are also undergoing renovation. Thus, they are looking forward to getting rid of the stuff that no longer matches their space and taste. You can save a lot of resources when you hunt for furniture during tax season, spring-cleaning time, and the holidays.

Shopping tip: Don’t rely on photos you see on listings. Before you settle, make sure you check the piece for damages.

6. Bikes

Purchasing a new bike can cost you hundreds, even thousands depending on your location. Looking for a used bike can cost you half of the cost. You can also save more if you buy the frame and look for other parts from other sellers.

Shopping tip: Don’t purchase a bike because of its price. Find a bicycle that suits your needs. There are different types of bicycles on the market. Be sure to find the right one that matches your skills and requirements.

These are some of the items you should buy from other people instead of the mall. Most of these are in great condition and haven’t seen the light of the day. You can save a lot of money when you buy secondhand instead of buying new ones.

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