Qualities to Look for in Cars at Auctions

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Right now, buying your own vehicle straight from the car dealers can be quite the investment. With the new tax reform laws in the Philippines, a lot of the middle to lower class families will start to have a hard time buying cars and vans because of the added taxes. with that being said, many people have gone to buying cars in auctions in the Philippines.

Auctions provide a venue where you have the chance to find and buy vehicles at a very cheap price! But of course, there will always be risks when you decide to buy through auctions—particularly for the vehicles that you might buy!

To help you not fall for some of the bogus car deals in auctions, here are a few signs that you need to look for in the car itself!


Little to No Damages

In auctions, auctioneers are required to make the condition of the vehicle public. What the auctioneer says while the bidding of a car is ongoing is considered to be a legally binding selling statement—meaning it should be the truth or they will suffer legal consequences.

But don’t just rely on what the auctioneer says. Most of the time, you’ll get to see an online catalog for the vehicles at auction. There you can see all their conditions, be it good or bad. Use this as a basis and check the cars at the live auction site. In the end, there’s no better way to confirm if a car has any damages than getting a firsthand look at it!

Take note, however, that some auctioneers would put in a lot of efforts just to make their cars look good. So even if a car looks extremely clean and shiny, inspect it in and out to make sure it works well, too!


Low Mileage

With all of the cars in auctions in the Philippines dolled up and looking fresh from the dealer, you will almost never see any signs of it being used at all! You’d think that some of the cars in the auction are brand new—and yes some of them are, just by the looks of it.

However, as with most auctions, you shouldn’t fully trust what you see. Ask for the mileage of the car—the distance it has traveled over the course of its lifetime. This will give you a good idea of how old this car actually is!


Well-Maintained Engine

Before the bidding of a car starts, there is usually a free inspection where you would be allowed to look at most of the parts of a car, some auctions would even let you test drive it, but most of them just settle with allowing you to start the engine.

Speaking of the engine, you should make sure that the car your eyeing to buy has a well-maintained engine! You can do this by pulling out its dipstick for the oil or transmission fluid.

If the lubricants on it look to be clear and clean, then that’s a good sign that it got regular maintenance!


Key Takeaway

Car auctions in the Philippines are cool places to look for interesting finds. You might not find your dream sports car there, but you’ll definitely find the best value car waiting for you!

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