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Benefits of Getting Feedback as a Leader

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Written by Adrian

Feedback is the most powerful management tool we have at our disposal, yet it is also the cheapest and most underused. It helps people stay on track, allows workers to know how their performance is perceived, and motivates and energizes employees. Feedback has strong links to employee productivity and satisfaction and lets people feel involved and identified in their organization.

Most leadership training in the Philippines include teaching participants, who are current and aspiring leaders, how to give smart and proper feedback. Being able to provide feedback is one of the many responsibilities of a leader, and it must be done wisely and tactfully in order to reap its many benefits.

Feedback, however, doesn’t just benefit workers and employees. Leaders, too, can benefit from receiving feedback. How? Simply continue reading below to find out!

It Improves Self-Awareness

Leaders are just like everyone else; they aren’t perfect and they also have blind spots and shortcomings. The only difference is that no one will openly and willingly point it out to them. They have to actively seek it out by engaging with their team and letting them know that they’re open to professional feedback.

Once feedback has been received, it allows them to reach a different level of self-awareness and enriches their self-knowledge. When they become aware of their shortcomings, they can then work on ways to improve their performance as an employee and as a leader. In a sense, feedback benefits leaders the same way it does any other employee.

It Enhances a Leader’s Credibility

Employee feedback is particularly important to newly hired or promoted supervisors and managers because it helps them establish their role as a leader and it asserts their credibility.

Frequent, meaningful feedback from employees allow these new leaders to learn more about everyone’s responsibilities and duties. Beyond that, they are also introduced to the many challenges that each employee faces in their job.

With all this knowledge, leaders can then address employees’ concern and provide guidance, and this act of lending expertise, improves a leader’s credibility.

It Aids Conflict Management

One of the few things that can negatively impact employee productivity, morale and engagement, and company revenue and profitability is workplace conflict. It creates a toxic environment that prevents employees from working smoothly and properly and offers zero benefits.

Thankfully, this can all be avoided if leaders listen to employee feedback. Through this, leaders can identify potential workplace conflict and take proactive measures to diffuse negative situations and prevent all of it from even happening.

All this results to premature conflict management that can save a supervisor-employee or employee-employee relationship before it is destroyed.

Key Takeaway

There are a lot of agencies and organizations that offer leadership training in the Philippines. Some of them host camps that go on for weeks or open classes for those who aspire to be good leaders. While it is beneficial to attend these kinds of events, it is also important to note that there are things you can learn outside them. Things like seeking feedback, especially as a leader.

It’s hard to get feedback as a leader since no one wants to anger their boss by pointing out everything he/she is doing wrong. If you want it, you have to ask for it. Let your team know that you are open to receiving feedback and everything will be kept professional and accepted in good taste. Doing so will allow you to improve as a leader and also strengthen your bonds with your colleagues

After you’ve asked for feedback, always remember to thank anyone who gives it to you. Even if you may disagree with what the person has said, accept it and thank them. Through this, you gain their trust and they’ll be more likely to give you more feedback in the future!

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