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How to ace scholarship interviews

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Winning scholarship is a huge factor to determine if a student is eligible to attend college or a particular institute. Scholarships or grants are considered as “free” finance or monetary investment that doesn’t need to be repaid. These grants are sponsored educational institutes, charitable organisations and likewise entities as a means to encourage higher education.

Students who receive a much larger scholarship are likely to undertake an interview performed by the organisation offering the grant. On receiving an interview notification from a scholarship committee or panel, you might be overjoyed at first which is soon replaced by that typical fear of facing the panel and responding to their queries. Here’s how to be successful at interviews:

Do your research

Invest time to know about Saudi Arabia scholarship, the sponsor and interview panel if possible. Also learn of the company or organisation offering the grant and brainstorm on why they actually wish promoting you for advance education in a particular educational division. Look closely for past scholarship winners as they can guide you properly on the interview process and how to prepare in the best way. Sometimes, the winner needs to travel for the scholarship which definitely requires significant expense. Determine if this travel expense is covered or you should pay all by yourself.

Know about the questions

Based on the sponsor’s expertise, envision what they would expect from a candidate receiving scholarship. If they’re promoting a particular business, they’d know about your interest in the business world and subdivision. In case it’s a charitable organisation, their interest would also be in the philanthropic work. All of this helps in developing a questionnaire whereas you may consult with university professors who would better advice on the scholarships and likely queries.

Rehearse & repeat

Carefully browse the scholarship website and review essential materials you were provided to determine the nature of interview. If you require an opening statement, have someone prepare it or simply come prepared to answer that typical ice breaker “tell us about yourself” query.

Go through the list of questions you developed and list down multiple yet relevant answers against each. Also prepare some thoughts on availing the scholarship or on a specific education institution where you’ll eventually head.

If a candidate is required to perform as part of an interview, be sure to showcase the most relevant abilities in the best way that guarantees success. Keep rehearsing and repeat the cycle unless you’re confident and all prepared for the upcoming interview.


Most of the interview committees understand that a scholarship winner is probably a high-school student with less professional experience so being nervous is much expected. Still, come prepared wearing a professional attire, speak in a clear voice, stay calm as much as possible, understand each question before responding and keep an eye contact which defines the confidence level. Be polite and express your gratitude towards the committee for the opportunity.


It’s old-fashioned but a professional written thank-you note to the interview panel would surely go a long way in making you stand out among the achievers of Saudi Arabia scholarship.

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