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The Best Ways Donation Forms Fit into Fundraising

Written by AngelaJohn

For all those people who run a non-profit organization, fundraising serves as the fuel that drives their industry. The positive side to this is that our modern era brings in new technology and options for people to donate funds to these organizations easily. Now, with the help of the right donation software, non-profit organizations around the world can use electronic donations to meet up all of their goals.

For fundraising online, donation forms play an important role. They help non-profit organizations to accept donations in a hassle-free way through a web-based portal. In most cases, a donor will be able to access your organization’s donation form via the website. A donation software online will let your non-profit to accept donations from the form on your web portal.

So how does a donation form actually fit into fundraising? As you read through below, this post should help you.

Reach Out to More Donors

When you are able to accept donations online, this will help to increase your non-profits chances of getting more donations, because it lets donors access more ways to give you funds. Donation forms make it easier as they offer donors more options. It lets your organization expand further because prospective donors will find it compelling to offer you more once you make the process easier.

Collect Recurring Donations

Donation forms like Donorboxdonation forms are great because they process recurring donations. Through the forms, donors can choose donations to make, whether weekly, monthly or annually with a single click. Donors do not need to provide additional information each time, as the donation will simply repeat itself on the selected options. The best part is recurring donors can automatically get their personal “donor account” to manage their donations. This makes the entire donation process end within a few minutes.

Share across Different Platforms

Your organization can share across different communication channels to lead donors to your donation form. When you share, the donation form the donor can then give a notice to when they wish to donate. Rather than sending email donations, now donors can use the form to access your organization online and give funds on the spot.

In addition, when you use the WordPress donation plugin of Donorbox, this will provide you with all you need to embed the donation form properly into your nonprofit website.

Collect Information of Your Donors

The online donation form will also make it a lot easier for you to collect the data of your donors. With a software that integrates with your business, you can gather data and information during the donation process and keep a backup in your database. You will be able to collect data and information of your donor’s preferred channel of giving, and the average donation they can give. Donation forms help to give you a comprehensive understanding of your prospective donors, and you can design special fundraising strategies accordingly, keeping those donors in mind.

Donation forms are actually great to keep those funds coming in and giving you the right information you need about the donors. They make donations easier for donors, they are secure, customizable, and offer much more benefits.

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