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Pregnancy is undoubtedly that time of the women’s life where they have to take very special about everything that they do. They have to be very careful about their exercises and activities. Well, they also have to take extra care of their diets but they also have to be mentally healthy. Pregnancy is not only about the physical health but it is also widely dependent upon the mental health of a person. The more stable the women stay mentally, the healthier is the baby. Therefore, doctors specifically advise the woman not to take any kind of mental stress or pressure.

With different precautions that the doctors tend to give to women, diet is something that the doctors give special advice on. There are some things that the women are restrained from eating. Moreover, the different trimesters accompany different cravings and so, the diet might even be different for each and every one of them. Also, there are certain things that a person might like before the gestation period but might not like to eat after they enter into the period. Hence, the diet must be taken care of and every trimester’s different diet plan must be followed in the proper way to keep the mother and baby, both healthy.

Now during every trimester, different developments are happening to the baby and there is different progress. The fingers might be developing in one and the hair in another. Therefore, the diets are adjusted keeping all those things in view and yes, the cravings are also kept in focus. Given below are 12 meal plans which are suitable for the second trimester. These meal plans will make the women plus the baby strong and healthy and ensure a safe delivery of the women. These meal plans must be followed in the most proper way ever.
Now during the second trimester of pregnancy, the prime thing which is being developed and made inside the body of the baby is the bone. Therefore, every nutrient which ensures strong bone development must be consumed. These nutrients include calcium and numerous more. So given below is a list of foods that are rich in such minerals and vitamins.
1- Milk and yogurt.
Now as has been explained above, for bone development and strengthening of the bones, milk and yogurt are very important because of the content of calcium that they contain. Flavored yogurt can also be consumed in order to spice things up however, it is advised to drink simple milk and not use any kind of flavor in them as the artificial flavoring might not be too good during pregnancy.

2- Beans.
Beans are rich sources of riboflavin, magnesium, potassium and many more. Magnesium is another mineral that is needed during the second trimester. Beans are specifically preferred to be eaten in the breakfast because they help feel fuller. 1 cup of beans is usually advised to eat.

3- The green vegetables.
And of course, vegetables cannot be skipped. Vegetables are rich sources of numerous vitamins and minerals and especially vitamin A which is again, needed in a very high quantity during this trimester. Also, vegetables act as antioxidants which help in flushing out the toxic substances from the body keeping you and the baby, both fresh.

4- Carrot juice.
Carrot juice has numerous benefits during the pregnancy. When the baby’s eyes, bones, and teeth are being developed, that is being done during this trimester, then carrot juice helps by providing vitamin A. Carrots contain Carotene which is then converted to vitamin A.

5- Orange juice.
Orange has an excess of vitamin C in them. vitamin C deficiency can lead to diseases such as scurvy. Vitamin c is also important for vision, therefore, fresh juices such as these are very important and also tend to keep the skin fresh.

6- Broccoli.
Your parents might have advised you ever since you yourself were a kid to consume veggies such as broccoli. Well, they said that for a reason.  Broccoli is a highly nutritious food. It contains a high content of vitamin B6 and calcium. Which again, is very important for bone strengthening.

7- Bread.
And yes, bread is also beneficial for providing you with calcium and ending up in strengthening the bones and teeth. So, a break can also be consumed.

8- Certain fishes.
Well obviously, these do not include all the fishes because fishes such as salmon, which can be eaten during the first trimester, are not preferred during the second one. Sardines are a good source of calcium. Therefore, one can go for the selective fishes during this trimester.

9- Eggs.
Eggs make very good breakfasts and some people even consider breakfast incomplete without having eggs. Eggs are very good sources of vitamin D, which means they fulfill and make their way into the list of foods you should eat during the second trimester. Eggs have other numerous benefits as well.

10- Breakfast cereals.
For the purpose of providing strength to the bones especially because what you eat is gonna have an impact on the baby as well, you can go for breakfast cereals which are again, a rich source of calcium.

11- Beef.
On the list of the necessary nutrients you need during the second trimester, vitamin A is always on the lead. The numerous benefits that vitamin A provides a person with cannot be ignored especially because it is very good for the vision and as the baby’s eyes develop during the second trimester, both of these are interlinked. Beef is a very rich source of vitamin A. Therefore, it is preferred.

12- Soy milk.
Last but not the least. Many people doubt if they should drink soy milk during pregnancy or not. However, the answer to this is yes. You can drink soy milk during pregnancy. Soy milk has a high content of protein in it. And not just protein, but soy milk also contains Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium.

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