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Which Lipstick Colours Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter and Beautiful?

Teeth Look Whiter
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When makeup is done in the right way it enhances your natural beauty further. Choosing the right lipstick shade not only beautifies your lips but also helps to put forth a great first impression with a dazzling smile.

But when your statement coloured lips draw attention to your less-than-pearly whites, you can rest assured that you have chosen the wrong shades of lipstick.

Anyone can rock the bright lips and it is all about the comfort and the confidence level. But if you want to try shades that offer you instantly whiter-looking smile, it is more about the undertones of the shades and less about the main colour.

The cool and blue undertones in the lipstick can help to make the teeth look whiter. According to the experts, the mauves, reds and taupes are the shades that help to bring forth a whitened smile. But ensure that the undertones are not on the warmer sides. This way you do not have to worry about any shade sabotaging the smile of yours.

Here are some of the shades that have proven to whiten the smile.

  • Choose Bluish Red Instead of Orangey Reds – The scarlet coloured lip shades with blue bases almost always work. In fact, such shades are whitening treatment in a tube. It is nothing but a logic of the colour wheel. The blue shade sits opposite to the yellow or orange tone when juxtaposed together. That is why the blue shade cancels he yellow or orange shade. Therefore, the lipsticks that have blue bases can cancel out the yellow and the orange tones or stains on the teeth. Hence, although the orange and yellow undertones are quite fashionable, they bring out those similar hues in your smile. So stay away from them.
  • Choose Paler Pink Lipstick – For those who are big fans of the pink shade, remember that a paler pink can create the illusion of the whiter-looking teeth. All you have to do is pick the ones with cooler undertones. You should contrast the pink lipstick with the smoky eyes for the fabulous date night look. Both matte and moisturizing lipsticks work in this case.
  • Pick the Dark Purples and Berries Over the Browns – If you are one of the resurgence devotees of the 90s, it is time that you get over the browns. The brown shades do not do your teeth any favours. On the contrary, the brown hues highlight the brown tones on the smile. So it is advisable that you stick to the dark purples and the berries. If you are looking for a shade that offers the double whammies of high contrast with the teeth to make them look great and simultaneously being blue-based, the purples and the deep reds are just what you are looking for.
  • Choose the Nude Lipsticks – The nude lipsticks are some of the most challenging to pick for the whiter teeth. In general, they lean towards the peach or brown undertones, but both of these make the teeth look slightly yellowish. Instead you should opt for the pinkish nudes. As long as the pink is not towards the warmer side, this nude will be better than the other ones.
  • Go for a Flash of Turquoise – The blue bases can make the teeth appear whiter, and the turquoise shade is not an exception to that. You can team that with a moisturising lipstick that shimmers slightly as the flash of iridescence will make the complexion lighter and hence assist the teeth appear whiter. The best part is that the combination of the nudes along with the turquoise shade suits up all skin tones.

The above are some of the lipstick shades that can make the teeth look whiter and help you achieve a million-dollar smile. Just like the braces that you can get at the best teeth braces price at a clinic near you, these shades will help you get the coveted smile of your dreams.

But try to avoid the neons, mattes and frosted shimmers so that your chosen shade truly enhances your overall beauty and helps you accomplish the look that your desire without running your smile.

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