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7 Storing Tips to Prevent Makeup Products from Getting Damaged

Written by Nicole Ann Pore

A lot of people invest in purchasing makeup products for important purposes or simply for their love for cosmetics. If you are one of them, surely you always care for the proper maintenance and well-keeping of those products. You definitely hate seeing broken pressed powders, shabby brushes, dried tints and any other abused and misused, miskept and abandoned makeup products. You most especially get a broken heart if it belongs to you.

Indeed, one of the struggles of makeup owners is keeping those dear items. Those products could be those you use and apply on your face such as foundation and makeup brushes. They could also be those you use on your nails like nail polish. They can be anything you put on your body or skin to enhance and beautify your appearance even more.

Because keeping them safe from damage is a challenge, here are 7 tips from a non-makeup user (me!) to makeup users on how to let your makeup products last long and stay fresh and functional.



Arranging things in a specific order enables you to better manage your stuff such as clothes and kitchenware. It’s the same with your makeup products. The first step for you to be able to store them well and use them without inconvenience is to organize them well.

Choose a good makeup organizer with complete and high quality features. You can buy a makeup kit so you don’t have any hassle anymore when it comes to pulling out and putting in your makeup stuff. Sometimes because of lack of time to fix them, you just let the chaotic makeup bag be. Well, that could be allowed to happen sometimes especially if you really have no time to reorganize yet, but make sure it wouldn’t take you a long time before you finally declutter them.

When you already have your makeup organizer, also don’t forget to keep that organizer somewhere safe.



If not getting broken and dried up, melting is one of the sicknesses of makeup products such as lipsticks, mascaras and creams. You won’t be able to use them if they get exposed to too much heat or to temperatures higher than they can.

It may sound weird for some, but putting your lipstick in a cooler if you’re traveling in or to a hot place is actually a thing. If you’re going to deserts, beaches or if the temperature is simply warm, then this is a saving chest.



Makeup brushes and even nail polish brushes are to be taken good care of because basically, they connect you and the makeup together. Well, you might say you can use your bare finger to do that, but uhhhm… not quite better than when you have those brushes.

The problem when it comes to brushes is that they get worn out because of age, overuse, misuse and wrong keeping. Arrange your makeup brushes in a proper order, probably according to size. In that way, it’ll be easier for you to choose which ones to use when it’s time for you to use them. It is not advisable to let them stay inside the bathroom overnight because bacteria might grow in and on them because of the moisture they can draw in.

Brushes get in direct contact with your skin so make sure they’re safe to use. Keep them in a storage where air can’t penetrate. Don’t let them get dusty, old and scruffy. Yes, they will eventually wear out, but don’t let that happen earlier than it should.  



Not only the storage is important; tightly sealing lids and caps and fully zipping zippers are as much! Don’t be satisfied and to complacent when your makeup products are already placed in your pouch inside your bag. Be sure to put the cap on securely. See to it that the cap is functioning well, isn’t loose and not broken. Don’t forget to close all the lids of the products you use. You might overlook doing so, and if you don’t do this, you might be surprised with a sweet smelling bag but an empty perfume bottle, a poured out moisturizer, or a smashed pressed powder as you open your bag.



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Do not let your makeup products get dropped. This is one of the nightmares of pressed powders! If they fall from a high height to a hard surface, open them and *tadahhh!!!* it’s been busted! Glass bottles of cleansers obviously will get broken if you drop them, leaving you with nothing but spilled stuff! If you’re holding them, don’t thoughtlessly allow those glass containers to drop. Put them on safe areas and not at the edge of your table or your bed or somewhere in danger of dropping.



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If you’re worried that your makeup might get accidentally dropped by you or by someone else, it’s not bad to be prepared and to think again. You may use bubble wraps to keep them safe, or if you don’t have such, consider wrapping them tightly and faultlessly with newspapers, cloth or any other material that would lessen the impact of dropping.



Last but not the least, do not miss cleaning your makeup products and makeup organizer. Makeup brushes must take a bath. The mirror of your pressed powder is nicer if you wipe it. Undust brush bristles and makeup bottles. Remove the messy excesses of lipsticks and liquified cosmetics. Cotton pads can also be helpful in protecting pressed powders and foundation from getting broken, as well as in keeping them clean and safe from dust particles.

Keep your makeup products and their storages neat and nice. It’ll be for your own convenience and cleanliness, skin’s health and wellness.




There you have it, makeup users and owners. It is truly vital to keep your makeup products clean and safe from damage because they get in direct contact with your precious skin. You must bear in mind that what you use on your skin affects it big time, and if it’s some piece of dysfunctional or damaging product, you’re doomed or almost. Hopefully, you, makeup users, have learned something about storing your makeup, so that it’d last long and avoid getting damaged.


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