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Here Are Some Reasons Why Some People Wear Makeup Daily and Some Choose Not To

Written by Nicole Ann Pore

A lot of people, most especially women, wear makeup. Many also do not. There’s no problem with any of the two. Sometimes, it just becomes a topic of online furies because they’re completely opposite, but really, it’s up to the person whether to wear makeup or not.



Below are some of the roles makeup play for those who wear it.


1 – For GLOW

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Probably the main role of makeup for most people who use it is to beautify themselves even more and to make them look more glowing and blooming. Makeup actually makes a person’s face attractive and eye-catching, especially if it’s done well.

Makeup is used by people to enhance their features. If you temporarily need a better nose look or a more emphasized, dazzling jaw, makeup helps.



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To look better and more presentable for some events and activities, some wear makeup. Usually, those are formal gatherings and huge events. Most especially if they have a big part in the event such as being the host, the birthday celebrator, the newly graduated, the bride and the groom, then most probably, they’d wear makeup to appear more presentable and groomed on a very special day. For those who wear makeup everyday, they want to be presentable wherever they go and whoever they encounter at any time of the day.



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The food we eat tells something about us. The clothes we wear also do. The same goes with the makeup some people wear. How one puts makeup shows if one likes simple or loud, light or dark, just right or blinding! It shows one’s personality as well and how he/she wants to be perceived by others.


Some people are not expressive of who they are and what they are interested in. Through makeup, they are also able to share a part of them. If you see a quiet girl in class, you might get a glimpse of what she likes if you see her rockin’ a rocker look makeup. Makeup is a piece of identity for some.  



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Makeup is worn by other people to alter the truth of how they really look like. Some use it to make a change in their emotions. If they appear sad or distressed, they’d wear makeup to brighten up their faces and make themselves look well. If one is out of sleep and looks so haggard and hollow-eyed, he/she might wear makeup to at least give him/her face a lively look because deep inside, sleep is a craving unsatisfied. Makeup is also usually worn by some people to cover up scars, pimples, dark spots and blemishes found on their faces and other body parts they apply makeup to.



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Some people need makeup for confidence. Since it is used for beautification, grooming and presentability, most likely, it also boosts the confidence of those who use it. During social interactions, they might be able to stand longer if they believe they look alright with their makeup on. Since it hides their flaws, it makes them more self-assured. Especially if they face important people or people dear to them, they like to look fresh and nice!



Setting aside financial and health matters, below are some of the reasons why other people prefer not wearing makeup.


1 – NO TIME to give

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Some people do not see wearing makeup as an important part of their lives, not a priority in the middle of all the other things to do. Some might just groom and freshen up themselves a bit, but they won’t wear makeup because for them, doing it really well consumes a lot of time. They will do it just occasionally or if it is certainly necessary!


2 –  NATURAL is their type

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Some people choose not to wear makeup because they like themselves better without it. They like the bare, natural look of their face. They love it even without anything on it. They’re just so proud and so confident about it.


3 – Goes opposite to their BELIEFS

Some people do not wear makeup because of their own beliefs and values in life — could be their personal perspectives, Biblical grounds or other matters concerning their faith and religion.  





People have different preferences, values and beliefs that make them wear makeup or not. Makeup may play a certain significant role for some, yet for others, it doesn’t. What makeup means and plays for depends on the people who do and do not wear it. That defines what makeup is.


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Nicole Ann Pore

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis, Australia's leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everybody. Taking care of the skin and keeping oneself hygienic, beautiful and healthy are some of the many topics she writes about. She also does research and shares her thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself.

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