10 of the best tax calculator apps to start using now

Tax Calculator Apps for iPhone and Android
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It is season of paying taxes. You should also remember to always pay your taxes on time in order to avoid late fines. In addition to that, try to use the right tools for the purpose of knowing your tax refunds and saving money on taxes. In this post, you will read about the apps which you can use now in order to simplify your tax preparation process and calculate the exact amount that needs to be paid. Moreover, there are many exciting functionalities which you should use. The list of apps which are talked about are IRS2Go, Tax Refund Calculator, H&R Block, Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma Tax, TaxAct, TaxSlayer, UK Tax Calculators, Australian Taxation Office along with Ask A CPA.

Now, find the details of the tax calculators apps. However, do not forget to check the links which are provided to download them apps from iPhone and Android app stores.


Internal Revenue System (IRS) has their official mobile application with IRS2Go. The things that this app can help you with are making direct payments, checking your refund status, tax assistance and also has a security code for providing online services to make it more secure.

iPhone | Android Tax Refund Calculator

This free tax estimator and calculator tool which provides online tax refund estimation. This tax calculator app is very easy to use and informs the user with the current status. Also, it provides essential tax guidance for you family and small businesses.

iPhone | Android

Intuit TurboTax

Another important tax calculator app is TurboTax which is from the house of Intuit. To look after your security, it uses the Data SSL encryption level and also has a fingerprint password feature. Do also, use the TurboTaxlive in order to consult a CPA.

iPhone | Android

H&R Block

A popular name in the North of America for helping to pay your income taxes. In addition to that, you can visit their brick and mortal office, if you need further assistance. It also provides useful tax information for taxpayers to know.

iPhone | Android

Credit Karma Tax

Credit Karma has come up with Credit Karma Tax for getting the required tax refund from the IRS. You should try this app as it free of cost. Along with that, they provide customizable checklist for taxpayers and can also be integrated with other tax calculators.

iPhone | Android


TaxAct is not only useful for individual tax registers but is also equally beneficial professional tax affiliates and also companies. If you want added features, then go for the TaxAct Premium which is available for $51. It is also dubbed as ideal for independent contractors.

iPhone | Android


This Augusta, Georgia based fintech company provides taxa calculation software which helps in the purpose of tax preparation. In addition to that, the app is known to provide assistance in payroll, bookkeeping and also legal services. Moreover, it is approved by National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).

iPhone | Android

UK Tax Calculators

Are you looking for a easy app for calculating your tax as a UK citizen? The answer is UK Tax Calculators. You need to fill the required details in the form and the app will calculate the income of the user. These apps are free to use.

iPhone | Android

Australian Taxation Office

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the answer to all tax related questions for the Australians. The agency is the authority which administers taxation system and also used for the collections of goods and services tax (GST), federal and income taxes.

iPhone | Android


The last app on the list is Ask A CPA. After all, you may still need a accountant in order to guide with your taxation papers and this app will help you find the accountants near to your place. Also, it provides important tax information.

iPhone | Android

Bottom Line:

The sole reason for using these tax apps is to tackle the complex process of filling your taxes and getting maximum tax refunds. Some of the apps which are discussed above are free while others come with a fee. Now, pick the app that suits to your needs and download it now.

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