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5 Reasons A Commercial Building Needs Commercial Electrical Certificate

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Written by Mark Potter

Owning a commercial property comes with huge responsibilities. The landlord has to make sure that the building is safe and secure for the occupants. A building can hold several hazards. The electrical hazards are pretty common so it is important to take precautions. A landlord handles the safety of the occupants. So invest in commercial electrical certificate so you ensure occupants safety.

A landlord has to take responsibility if an electrical accident happens. It is important that you invest in electrical safety so that you can keep everyone in the building safe. Here are a few reasons a landlord needs to get electrical certificates.

Protecting Occupants from Injury and Death:

The safety of the occupants should be a priority of the landlord. Do not ignore the electrical problems of the commercial building because then you are asking for a disaster to happen. The safety certificates are a legal obligation. They make sure that every electrical connection and the appliance in the building is safe to use.

When you apply for the certificate it will make sure that you test everything related to the electricity. The testing will make sure that you are able to identify and fix the problem before it gets serious and hazardous.

Electrocution can lead to injury and even death. Make sure that you get safety certificates and reduce the chances of serious accidents and injury.

Satisfying the Electrical Safety Obligations:

There are certain requirements that a commercial building has to abide by so that the building is declared safe. A building needs to fulfill all the safety obligations so that it is secure for the occupants. The electrical safety certificates are essential. They will identify if there are any obligations that the building is lacking.

The safety obligations are in place to ensure that the building is safe to live in. Apart from jeopardizing the safety of the occupants, failing to fulfill safety obligations will also lead to legal problems. The landlords have to pay heavy penalties if they are unable to have an n up-to-date safety certificate.

Assist in Insurance Claim:

A landlord needs to have electrical certificates because it can help in clearing the insurance claim. If there is an electrical incident then you will need the certificates to claim damages. The safety certificates are awarded after a thorough check of the electrical system. They will make it easier to get through the insurance claim in case of an incident.

Saving Money:

Qualified and skilled engineers inspect the electrical system before issuing a safety certificate. They are able to identify problems and offer great solutions. The regular tests will save you money because you will be able to do repairs before they get too costly.

Improving Energy Efficiency:

The electrical safety inspections not only identify the problems but also offer solutions to improve energy efficiency. Lowering the running and maintenance cost of a commercial building is helpful to the environment and landlord’s budget. The professional electricians are able to offer the best solutions to enhance the energy efficiency of the building. High EPC rating is good for attracting tenants as well.

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