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Renovate Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Written by AngelaJohn

We all know that home improvements can be a big deal when it comes to making your house more sellable, but what if you don’t have the funds for a new kitchen, bathroom or fancy loft extension? “There are actually a lot of ways you can give your home a new lease of life without having to spend thousands” says Westminster estate agent, Andrew Reeves.

We’ve outlined a few of our favourites here:

A New Front Door

Your front door is one of the first things people will notice, so if it’s cracked and mouldy and full of peeling paint you can’t expect to tempt buyers into coming in to see what’s behind. A good sand down and lick of paint can restore it to its former glory, but if you really want to make an impact it’s worth considering a brand new one.  “You can get a pretty glamorous looking front door for under £400 and it’s a great way to create a good first impression” suggests M&M Property.

Glamorous Draped Curtains

Curtain panels have made a real comeback over recent years, and they create a very elegant effect in any room. If you’re gifted with a sewing machine you can make some yourself, or contact a local curtain company to do it for you.  This year it’s all about colour and floral patterns so let your imagination run wild and create a real show piece for your windows. Expect to pay between £30 and £100  per panel.

Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Give your kitchen an instant makeover with brand new tiles or a patterned splash back. Moroccan inspired designs are big news at the moment, and if you’re on a real budget you can go for tile stickers instead of investing in the real thing. There are some very realistic looking alternatives out there that have the added benefit of you being able to change them easily according to new trends.

A Big, Bold Rug

If your flowing is looking a little unloved but you can’t afford to re-carpet throughout, a nice big rug can hide any flaws and create a welcoming environment. Few things beat quality flooring throughout the home so if you want to increase the value of your home we’d always recommend paying the extra, but if you’re on a really tight budget and want to move fast this could be a good option.


Nobody likes to see clutter when they’re looking around a potential property, so don’t let having too much stuff let you down. Good storage is always a major plus for buyers, so make the most of it with tailor made shelves and book cases. If cash flow is a major problem, scour charity shops and invest in some paint and a sander to bring old storage pieces up to date.

Re-Upholster your Sofa

A tired old sofa doesn’t present a very good image to buyers, so why not bring a new lease of life to yours with some made to measure covers? If it’s still structurally sound and comfy there’s no need to invest in a brand new one and there are lots of great designs out there to choose from. If you’re crafty have a go yourself, or you can use an upholstery service who will re-cover a suite for around £500.

Lawsons & Daughters summarises, “Obviously the more money you spend on home improvements the more you can expect to add to the value of your home, but we understand that in today’s uncertain economy that’s easier said than done. You can find some great hacks online that will help you create a great impression and breathe new life into your home without having to spend a fortune.”

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