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Love to make memories? What if I tell you that you can capture them, and revisit them any time you want? With a photobook, you now have the amazing option to customize for yourself an album of your favourite pictures, in the way you want! Photobooks also make an amazing gift, or can be used to store memories for yourself.

One of the best website you can go to design your own photobook is Zoomin. While you’re at it, make use of Zoomin offers to grab amazing discounts on your order. If you’re still not convinced, we have listed for you ten best reasons to make a photobook.

1.You can customize it according to your choice.

To design a photo book, you’ll have the option to choose the theme of the photobook, the pattern, size, number of pages, type of pages, and many more such features. It can be as thick or as thin as you want, as decorated or as simple as you want. You can even choose from amongst a pre-selected theme, or even design the pages yourself!

2.It makes for a great gift.

The gift of memories is the greatest gift you can get for anyone. If you are a photographer, or if the person you’re gifting to loves getting clicked, a photobook is the best gift for either. This way, every time they see it, they’ll be happily reminded of all the memories you made, and of you! Isn’t that amazing!

3.They are cheaper.

Yes, you read that right! Getting photobooks printed are a way more inexpensive option than getting photos developed in the studio. With the number of discount offers available online, you can get assured discounts and cashbacks every time you order one.

4.Create a work portfolio.

If you’re a budding artist or even a business owner selling products and services, you can save and document your work in the form of a photobook. It the best form to showcase your work to expand your business, rather than running to your computers for a digital document.

5.Photobooks for special moments.

Be it a vacation or a special event in life that you want to capture for a lifetime, photobooks make the perfect way to document them. You can always access it, without any fear of losing them if your hard drive crashes!

6.Create your photography portfolio.

Flaunt your work with a photobook portfolio, that is easier to access and to carry around. You can even track your progress through a photobook and it gives you creative freedom to develop additional skills.

7.Photobooks don’t crash!

No more fear of losing data, with photobooks, since photobooks don’t crash, hard drives do! Stop being at the whims and wishes of technology and go the old school style. Get a hard copy of all your favorite moments, and never lose any memory.

8.Photobooks as coffee table books.

Unique ideas are always appreciated. So here is one, replace your boring, written coffee table books with a photobook, telling stories and memories from your life, and treat your guests with a sneak peek into your life!

9.Make a statement.

Show off your unique crazy ideas with a photobook! In the age where everyone reaches out for their electronic devices to show photographs, you can reach out to a photobook and showcase your creativity. Showing and handing over a photobook is so much cooler than browsing through countless digital images!

10.Easy to store, easy to carry.

Photobooks are easy, handy and the most convenient way to store memories and travel with them. You can take them with you anywhere, do additions to it, modify and document things you never wish to forget. You can even craft them as a photo journal, that will be your priced possession for a lifetime.

From farewells to reunions, from a planned adventure to unplanned ones, from birthdays to proposals, a photobook makes the perfect memory keeper for all occasions. Save, share and preserve your memories in the form of a photobook, and reform the way you store pictures!


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