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We are living in the fast paced technological world of automation. to provide us comfort and relaxation, Everything is advanced and running automatically. Technological development aims to make our difficult tasks easy but these days’ people takes technology in a negative sense, they really don’t know the purpose for which innovations being made. The first and foremost wrong use of technology is using and addiction to smart phone.

Communication is necessary and technology does a lot to shorten distances between people. The great ‘smartphone’ innovation turns the whole world into a global village.  But it implies some harmful effects on our mind and health and social circle as well. And according to some national reports UK is the most official nation of smartphone addicts. According to studies there are 72% of people are victims on nomophobia (a fear that away from phone means away from world).

Smartphone addiction leads to many emotional and psychological diseases and the one rapidly increases disease is depression Non-stop use of smartphone can cause stress, anxiety, lake of social attachment and other permanent traumatic issues.

Causes of addiction to smart phone on daily basis?

First of all, smartphones enable us to connect with our loved ones, to world’s news and entertainment and everything we want just through a soft touch. Smartphone bombarded with a lot of quick content that cause people to glued with the screens and even not pay attention around. Fast speed networks, inbox full of messages, bulk of news feed of specific topics, Mobile 3D games, images and videos, mobile cameras, phone rings, fast music, digital mobile Applications, and much more. People sticks to their mobile phones are mostly adults between 16 to 24 and the left part is of 25- 35 overused their smartphones for different purposes.

It is seen under a survey that 11% people use their handsets while crossing roads and 53% while walking. The statistic division of smartphones, claim by people is as follows;

  • 40% of people claims that they use their handsets all the time
  • 24% claims that they use their Smartphones when with family
  • 15% use their handsets on weekend
  • 31% people claim to use in the evening
  • 13% use when they are at school or at work place

People also addicted to check their mobile phones when going for sleep and on the other hand when wake up at morning the first thing is to open and check handset and it is also revealed that an average person at least 100 times a day and an adult look more than 200 times. The rising use of these digital devices makes us totally dependent and must say paralyzed, that affect the whole world mainly the origin of digitalization ‘UK’.

Two third of American teenagers are using their handsets all the time day or night. The rising use of smartphones is its portability and affordability. Even an adult easily buy a smartphone using their credit cards or Avios points earned through purchases. But people are unaware of the serious effects on our mood and health.

There are two hormones named Dopamine & Serotonin that are linked to happiness and affected by some loud sound like when your mobile rings or beeps it will affect your mood. Tech addiction also implies deep impact on fitness, a search pole reveals that those who spent 14 hours daily on their handsets are less fit and active. Less-sleep, attention span and social isolation are the effects and accept, all there are number of side-effects seems difficult to enlist.

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