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3 Reasons Why Now Is A Terrible Time To Buy Paid Review And Rating?

‘Mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services. The way I like to put it is, the answer should always be mobile first. You should always put your best team and your best app on your mobile app.’ – Eric Schmidt

All app developers would agree that product marketing requires a lot of effort and time. The in-app market, low-quality apps got higher ranking as they have worked on App Store Optimization (ASO). That’s the most obvious reason why most app developers are always in a search of paid review and rating. In fact, the app developers will need a large number of app reviews that will increase their app ranking in the mobile app stores.
Fighting false app reviews is a never-ending battle. In this blog, you will learn some of the best ways to get paid review and rating. These methods will help you in getting great exposure to mobile apps. 
Paid review and rating – where should you buy?
While you are searching for the paid review and rating providing company, there are some important considerations you need to look at. Google and Apple have made strict algorithms for the false mobile app reviews. This system is specially designed to promote the fair app reviews. So, who will decide what the fair app review is?
Mobile app stores have removed all the fake app reviews. “We strive to offer customers the best experience possible, and we take their security very seriously,” said Tom Neumayr, an Apple spokesperson. ”We’ve set up ways for customers and developers to flag fraudulent or suspicious apps, which we promptly investigate to ensure the App Store is safe and secure. We’ve removed these offending apps and will continue to be vigilant about looking for apps that might put our users at risk.”
Apps are restricted on the following basis that has:

  • Offensive content
  • Offend religious sentiments
  • Tracked drone strikes
  • Raised privacy issues
  • Accessed users’ personal data
  • Reward users to view ads
    “In continuing our efforts to combat spammy behavior, we’ve also improved the ways we identify and remove fake reviews and ratings. With this enhanced capability, we are now able to identify and remove more fake reviews and ratings with greater accuracy”. Google
    Talking about the best company that offers genuine paid review and rating, I would recommend Reviewlancer. Why? Because all the mobile app reviews are provided by real users from around the world, that neglects the idea of fake reviews. Perhaps, you should try Reviewlancer as this is probably the best choice that you will make. 
    Buy reviews – get exposure:
    The mobile app store has to look for the credibility of each app review, in today’s app marketing world you will be left behind you need to focus on mobile app rankings. Let’s say cricket, you will find thousands of apps that offer Live cricket streaming and live scores. Users will consider only those apps that are ranked the highest. You need to understand the psyche, no one will choose the apps that are placed on the listings. Smart developers who buy paid review and rating will see their mobile applications at the top.
    Buy Reviews – enhance revenue:
    New mobile applications have got the perfect chance to get the status of “what’s trending”. Marketing experts will clearly explain to you that a new product can be market easily rather than a low ranked product.
    The best strategy is to opt for mobile app reviews, as most app review providing companies provide hundreds of mobile application reviews and downloads.
    Buy reviews – build your reputation:
    The character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. If your product has positive feedback, then it will generate a goodwill for your company. Likewise, positive app reviews will build a positive reputation for your app. Buying app reviews will generate a good repute for your mobile application.  
    Here’s the conclusion:
    As mentioned above in this article, Tech Giants Apple and Google are struggling to get the confidence of their users. This is quite a difficult task. Most users use different IDs to review their apps, they forget that Apple and Google check the IPs of the review as well.
    Paid review and rating services are not breaking the law – they are just providing an incentive for users to try their app. It is just like any company that offers free samples for feedback.
    To get real app reviews, logon to Reviewlancer.

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