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How to spy What’sApp with TheOneSpy App

Whatsapp spy
Written by AddisonAlbert

WhatsApp is one of the top social messaging apps and no matter what a user’s age is everyone has installed the social networking app on their smartphone’s home screen. It means people that belong to any generation X.Y.Z are using WhatsApp social media app on their contemporary cell phones running with pretty different operating systems such android, IOS, and blackberries. However, there are certain peoples that want to spy on WhatsApp messenger of someone and want to know each and every single activity with the complete time schedule. Therefore, TheOneSpy has known for the best surveillance software to track the social media app WhatsApp to the fullest.

Why TheOnespy to spy on What’sAp?

Because it is the best cell phone spy app over the last few years that help out the user to track the target device in such as a way that nothing could be remained hidden from it. It has the ability to do surveillance on the target phone and spy on all the activities happen on the phone including to spy on the activities happen through all the trendy social messaging apps including WhatsApp instant messenger.

With TheOneSpy app you can

It empowers the users to check out all the written text and user can completely and convincingly spy WhatsApp social messaging app. You can track and listen to the all the audio and video conversations. You can monitor all the activities happen on the messenger such as WhatsApp photos, videos, audio files and save stuff on the target cell phone. You can spy on the contacts list and contact number to the person has shared media. Furthermore, a user can get the time stamp of each and every single activity has performed on the social media app. You can further get access to the saved record of the activities by getting access to TheOneSpy online control panel.

How to use TheOneSpy to track What’sApp

TheOneSpy to track What’sApp

First and foremost if you really want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp social media account. Then you have to visit TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance software website. There you can subscribe to the best spy app for cell phones and you will receive passcode and ID. Now you can install the phone spy app on your target cell phone and activate it on it.

Once you have done it safely, then further you need to get access to the web portal of phone spy app online dashboard with the use of credentials you have got at the time of subscription. Use the ID and password and you will get access to the online control panel. However, if you are an iPhone lover, you can also install the TOS –Dashboard app on the IOS phone and you can use it with sheer power, accuracy and for having fast monitoring experience. Now user can use all the spying tools of cell phone spy to track  WhatsApp messenger to the fullest.

Monitor What’sApp messenger

TheOneSpy app has several tools that can empower you to do surveillance on social media app to the fullest. The user can use IM’s social media of the mobile phone spy software. It will enable a user to view WhatsApp logs such as text messages, chats conversations, audio and video conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and last but not the least WhatsApp Voice messages.

Furthermore, the user can remotely capture screenshots of the WhatsApp activities with complete time stamp running on your target cell phone screen. Moreover, WhatsApp social media can be tracked with WhatsApp live screen recording. It will enable a user to make short videos back to the back of the mobile phone screen at the time the social media app is running on the phone screen. The user can view the activities happen on the messenger having the target phone screen videos by getting access to the dashboard. However, you can also use the keylogger and get access to all the keystrokes applied to the target cell phone such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and messages keystrokes. It means you can use the ID and password keystrokes and get access all the activities happen on a social messaging app.


Spy on WhatsApp social messaging app and get to know what is happening on it with the use of TheOneSpy cell phone spy app.

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