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Tools To Test Your Website On Mobile Devices

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Written by Melissa Crooks

There are already more mobile phones in the world than computers! Mobile phones continue to record an increase in sales and desktop computers are falling further and further behind. Therefore, having a web page, blog or online store suitable for any mobile device is critical. Do not you know if yours is? Then you must know the tools that will allow you to test your website on multiple mobile devices at the same time. As a result of the high number of mobile devices used to access the internet, you should ensure your website is well adapted for these devices.

You should perform this test before launching or publishing your website. Although it depends on the sector, it is very likely that more than 50% of your visits are from mobile devices. Top app development companies and web development agencies must be sure that their services pass these tests before delivering it to their clients.

Google is changing its algorithms to detect websites that do not meet minimum requirements of adaptation for mobile devices. This means that, if your site is not adapted for any mobile device, your site positioning will be very poor if keywords related to your service are searched on these devices. To rank high on most devices, you must ensure that your website will be rendered well on those devices.

Here is a list of tools to test your website on mobile devices. These tools are designed to test your website on almost all mobile devices, and you can spot the aspects of development that you might not have taken into account. Your site can be rendered differently on multiple devices so you must ensure that your website is adapted for all mobile devices.

Top tools to test your site

Am I Responsive:

It is a free tool that allows you to verify the responsiveness of your web page anywhere with a single click from any device. Forget about captures for a client to see how your website will look, paste the url and at a glance look how it will appear.

Demonstrating Responsive Design

This tool allows you to see your web page in 3 different sizes of devices, both horizontal and vertical. It is not the most complete, but for a quick glance and it is quite fast.

Mobile Friendly (Google)

The optimization test mobile or mobile friendly for Search Console (from Google) checks if a visitor can easily use your website on a mobile device. You have to enter the URL of any site to see what results you get and, if it does not happen, it notifies you of the errors.


Mobiletest is a free tool to view your mobile web page from your pc. You have to input the link of your web page, choose the device and check. You can also see how your website looks on different brands of mobile devices and various tablets.


MobiReady is a web service that offers you an online audit of your web page. Based on the best practices that every mobile web should follow, it gives you a note and gives you tips to improve the performance of your mobile web page. It allows you to see all the improvements and compare your page with your competition.


Resizer is a tool to see and check how the web interfaces of a page, a blog or an application displays. In Resizer you can type or paste a URL and automatically view and check how it will look on a computer, tablet and mobile (both horizontally or vertically, in different sizes).


Like many other tools on this list, responsinator helps web developers to know how the site will display on multiple devices. You only have to enter the url of the web page, and you will see how it appears on different devices.


Responsivepx helps you check the capacity of response your web design. You can check for the appearance and functionality of your website on different devices and screen sizes. You can input the different width and height measurements in which you want to see your web page.


Responsivetesttool is another free tool that allows you to view your website on different resolutions of different mobile devices. The goal is to see if your site is 100% responsive for any device.


In Screenfly, you can see your web page on different resolutions of different mobile devices. Also, they also give you the option to watch TV and PC screen formats. Just enter your url and hit the go. You can choose different sizes of devices easily.

Adapt our Site for Mobile Devices

One of the first steps to start participating in mobile marketing is to verify that your website is friendly with these devices. You can adapt your page with a mobile plugin

The easiest way to adapt your site for mobile devices is to insert a plugin. For those pages that have been built on platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, is to insert a plugin (specific functionality that is added to a page) that renders site in mobile version when it is accessed from a mobile device.

The drawback with this option is that the adaptation to mobile is done automatically, where some things may not show exactly as you would like. However, in the face of not being able to show your page on mobile, it is a good option. (If you are not familiar with the plugins, talk to top app development companies to help you out).

There are some WordPress Plugins that are excellent at adapting web pages for mobile devices.

Have you already tested your website on different devices? Did you get errors? I am sure that it is, so it is important that you take good note and begin to solve them. Every day, we depend more on tablets, laptops, and smartphones, so much of your present and future traffic will come directly from these technological devices. Remember! Do not forget to optimize the mobile version of your website.

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