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How To Drive Users For Better App Reviews?

 Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.”
Thomas Husson 
Whether you are running a restaurant, coffee shop or a bookshop, the reviews of others will always play an important part in making decisions while shopping. When it comes to mobile apps, people’s reviews and opinions always impact app’s visibility in mobile app stores.
With an intention to get positive app reviews, you need to get paid review and rating. In this article, you will learn what are the driving forces that help in getting more positive app reviews?
App review plugins:
Probably the best way to get mobile app reviews from someone is just by asking them, using a special feature ‘plugins into your app’. Adding an iOS plugin to your app takes only 2-3 minutes. This utility enables your users to review your app after a certain time period.
By tapping the rate button, users are shifted to the app store in which they can easily give positive mobile app reviews. You need to be very much careful while setting up ‘iOS plugin’, that it will not appear as soon as user downloads your mobile app. If you do so you will receive negative app reviews.

Direct support to users:
It is the latest strategy to add a ‘send feedback’ button to your app that opens in a new email form. This utility helps in communicating with your user directly by using a two-way live window for doing instant messaging.
You just need to add a web-based dashboard that enables to exchange one-one messages easily within your mobile app easily. So, when the user needs any sort of help, you can go ahead easily in the form of pre-populated mail to deliver a great customer experience.
In case you have assisted your users then you can easily ask them to review your app. This facility comes with its individual pop-ups for reviewing apps. This option is the best choice by which you can minimize negative app reviews. By pressing the send feedback button, a user will be directed towards a live chat window

Running a contest:
To increase your app reviews, forums play an important role. You can also run a contest for app reviews.

Motivate your users:
It’s a common nature that users don’t like pop-ups demanding for paid review and rating. The best way to ask users to rate your app is by giving them incentives. Suppose, your gaming app has in-game rewards or points then it would be the most powerful incentive you can give to get a review. Everyone likes free stuff that’s why users will love to write a review about your app.

Bottom line:
Try to follow the above pattern, each step is important. It’s a good idea to hire the services of a paid review website. The above-mentioned steps are just the initial stages of your app promotion, your app’s success depends highly on the optimization.

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