Activated Alumina Balls for Tan (Total Acid Number) Removal from Oil

Oil lubrication is generally used in machines with high speed and operating temperature. Oil reduces friction, heat, and wear. It acts as a film between solid surfaces. It increases the longevity of the machinery and bearing.

“A good operator keeps his machines lubricated” is classically mentioned but what about the lubricant? 


Lubricants are frequently ignored. The lack of maintenance priority contributes to machine parts becoming corrosive and destroyed. This should be rephrased better as “A good operator looks after the machines and the oil.”


How to tell if the oil is sound?


TAN (Total Acid Concentration) indicates the health of Oil. The TAN value is the acid concentration calculation in Oil. This is determined by the amount of KOH needed in milligrams for neutralizing the acid in one gram of oil.


Lube oil and hydraulic fluids alter properties over time. Additive degradation, metal particle contamination, and oxidation is a typical pathway to degradation of lubricants. The higher temperature leads to the production of weak organic acids. If the lubricant is not timely checked, it may further lead to the gummy texture on the metal surface.


The rate of change of Total Acid Number is more crucial than the absolute value itself. A rapid increase may be caused by dirty oil ways, the Addition of different oil or change in the oil Sulphur content. Commonly, a steady change is observed in the case of Oxidation.


The high TAN number can lead to the deterioration of the machinery. It can cause corrosion of machine parts due to varnish and sludges. Hence timely introspection is necessary in case of lubricant use.


How to reduce the TAN value in Oil?


An efficient technology of Activated Alumina Filter comes into rescue. The technology uses Porocel Activated Alumina balls to adsorb the acid and other oxidation products present in the oil.


Activated alumina balls are derived from aluminum oxides. It adsorbs highly polar ions on its surface. The unique behavior of being highly porous and having a large surface area acts as merit to accumulate more in a single unit. Even in higher temperature and environment, Activated Alumina Balls are exceptional because of high Defeating Strength, very good Adsorption Capacity, Low Bulk Density, and Low Attrition Loss. It is designed with an aim to return the oil crystal clear.


Activated alumina filter for TAN removal

Activated aluminum Filter acts as a conditioning of the Oil. It promotes the longevity of Oil. It keeps the Total acid number within the acceptable limits hence leads to no formation of sludges and varnish on the metal components of the machinery. Besides, it also absorbs the moisture in the oil which is a commonly dealt issue of transformer oil.


The Activated Aluminum applied with an off-loop mechanism. It is collected from the main reservoir to off loop conditioning system and using Porocel Activated alumina the oil is purified.

It is processed at a low flow rate to ensure maximum adsorption and oil cleansing. It allows long contact with the acid molecules. The Porocel activated alumina balls will adsorb the acid molecules to its surface leading to a Lower TAN number Oil.


The periodical tracking of the TAN value of oil is highly recommended. Reduction in the TAN value can be achieved by recirculating the reservoir with a properly sized off loop conditioning system. Adopting a conditioning system with Alumina balls can save the machinery from a heavy maintenance charge. Alumina balls are a cost-effective solution for Oil conditioning.


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